Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aye to police brutality

Banting murders: Suspect tells court cops tortured him, pinched his genitals

SHAH ALAM: An accused in the murder trial of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others claimed that he was physically tortured, including being held at gunpoint and threatened with death, the High Court heard.

Farm hand T. Thilaiyalagan, 20, said that Chief Inspector N. Govindan had put a gun in his mouth and forced him to admit murdering four people.

"I did not admit (to the murders)," he said here Monday.

Thilaiyalagan further claimed he was forced to follow Chief Insp Govindan, the interrogating officer, to a river.

Chief Insp Govindan allegedly said "If you don't follow me, I'll shoot" to the farm hand.

Thilaiyalagan is the first witness testifying in a second trial-within-a-trial to determine his state of mind when he gave a statement to the police that led to the discovery of items in the case.

He had earlier alleged being oppressed into giving the statement and Justice Akhtar Tahir allowed the trial-within-a-trial as applied by the defence.

During an examination-in-chief by his lawyer Gurbachan Singh, Thilaiyalagan said the police kicked and pinched his genitals several times.

The torture, he claimed, took place during an interrogation at a lockup in IPD Gombak on Sept 11, last year.

He was arrested three days before (Sept 9, 2010) at a farm in Tanjung Sepat where he worked.

He also claimed that he saw two other accused, R. Matan, 21, and R. Kathavarayan, 31, bleeding as a result of being beaten by the police.

Thilaiyalagan, Matan and Kathavarayan, along with former lawyer N. Pathmanabhan, 42, claimed trial to the murders of Sosilawati, 47, her driver Kamaruddin Shamsuddin, 44, bank officer Noorhisham Mohammad, 38, and Ahmad Kamil, 32.

Hearing continues Tuesday.

Taken from The Star

Criminals will not admit to their crimes if they are not tortured.

So, if you don't want to be tortured, don't be a murderous criminal who beat someone senseless with a baseball bat, stabbed them, burned them with cow dung and threw their ashes into the river.

I am sure the opposition communists will defend these criminals because the true fact is that they are that as well.

The communists also murdered the police and their family in Bukit Kepong. So what? Now the police can also act brutal towards murderous criminals and communist and communists cohorts in Bersih.

Will the criminals admit to their crime if they were given 5 star hotel treatment?

Those murderous criminals are heartless bastards so the police have to be just as cruel.

If the police are nice like the transvestite, surely the criminals will kill them instead.

So, I am all for the police brutality because I am not a criminal and will kill a criminal who attacks me in defence too.

Aye to the police brutality against the criminals because even snatch thieves don't care if their victims crack their head on the tarred road.


  1. Totally agree with your views.

  2. Bro/Sis Anon. Thank you for agreeing with my views.

  3. dah nama pun criminal, konfemlah kena sepak terajang dengan polis..habis tu takkanlah nak harapkan 5 stars hospitality dari polis..kalau polis cakap elok-elok, konfemlah criminal tu takkan mengaku..this is a murder case.bukan kes rasuah yang boleh reka-reka evident.kalau pariayappa tu tak bunuh dan bakar arwah Datuk Sosilawati, takkanlah si mati tu bakar diri sendiri..semua nih spin dari loyar (lawyer)crimal tulah

  4. Bro/Sis Anon 3:50 AM. Betul tu. Patutnya loyar buruk criminal yang sama sekaki jugak penjenayah sebab bela penjenayah tu pun kena balun cukup-cukup dengan polis.


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