Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The wooden-headed OWC

The Obedient Wives Club had caused an uproar both locally and internationally.

Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Women, Family and Community Development Minister had blasted those idiots in the club for likening the wives as protitutes. Read more about it here.

Women in the 21st century are independant and will not appreciate it to be categorized as first class prostitutes because prostitutes gets paid to have sex with any men even if that men is gross while the wives have sex with their husband as a role or duty of of wife in Islam.

Surely the role of a wife and mother is much better than being bitches who sleeps with bastards for some monetary exchange???

Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim, a senator in the Prime Minister's Department verified that the Obedient Wives Club could be formed to publicise the banned Al-Arqam group and men who are polygamous husbands could be the culprit behind it's formation.

“I suspect this club is managed by their husbands who are sending a wrong message to the masses through their wives about being obedient.

This way, all a husband needs to do is to tell the wife that he wants another wife to avoid committing zina and the wife is obliged to find another wife for him or risk being labelled as disobedient."

“A Muslim wife asking for a divorce must provide ample evidence against her husband to end the marriage. For instance, if she alleges abuse, she must provide letters from the hospital and a list of witnesses."

Meanwhile, the personal opinion of Irwan Abdul Rahman is a very thought provoking opinion from a real man who will not support this so called Obedient Wives Club who are actually belittling the women's role as a wife to the low level of a prostitute...

I think that the Obedient Wives Club is just trying to get some cheap publicity with its stunts which most thinks disparaged women's role as a wife.

I bet that most bastards who wants to find an excuse to add the number of his wife will surely love this motherfucking OWC. Not all men are bastards and not all women are bitches!

And surely all liberated women who chooses not to marry out of their own choices will find this OWC so foolish. Women are human beings and not play things.


  1. Ms Pearl. Oh so you are not a first class prostitute to meg are you?

  2. bila kahwin kerana nafsu, maka inilah jadinya.
    ikatan perkahwinan adalah persefahaman hidup, perkongsian tanggungjawab dan pengikat kasih sayang antara suami dan isteri..

  3. Bro/Sis Anon 4:27 PM. Ramai lelaki pun kawin kerana nafsu. Sebab itu bila bini tua sikit, mulalah pasang yang muda.


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