Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where has the RM80 million gone to?

Long live Malaysian Malaysia. Vote for change. Let the communists steal the money from all the corporation.

Corruption in Yayasan Selangor had made RM80 million lost. If only I can find just RM1 million. I would be a millionaire. Hooray! Then I can help the poor, the needy and the orphans to live a comfortable life.

Communist will never think about charity. They are too selfish and greedy.

Bravo to those bloody fools who voted for DAP in Penang because they now got what they deserve.

I advise you to keep voting for the communist so that next year, you will be chased out to live in the forest like a "Jakun" like what Namewee sang about.

Long live Namewee. We love to see other racist communist to be that vocal because we will do nothing and just take the blow after blow until we can't take it anymore and we will ran amok and clean this country from deviationists, communists and CIA agents.

Surely the watcher have a thing or two on their sleeves to defend this country from Illuminati. Go watcher!

Indonesia had its bloodbath a few years back... We should have one to, so that we can remind those ultra kiasus who are the real masters of this Tanah Melayu!

The police should come and catch me for instigating a racial riot. Just take action against a Malay. Let the Chinese do whatever the fuck they want.

Bravo 'Menteri Amaran'. You have done your job well. I think Dato Azalina, the previous head of Puteri UMNO has more balls than this weakling.

I spit on weaklings. Ptuihhh! Ptuihhhh! Ptuiihhhh! Just go and wear a bikini and show off your dick in a thong! But that is if you have a dick! I doubt that!

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  1. wow..i like ur article. being sarcastic is sometimes acceptable. funny thing is, azalina has more balls? hehe

  2. Bro / Sis Anon. Thanks for liking my article. But I just don't care if you like it or not. I just write whatever I feel like.

    I think being sarcastic is always acceptable not just sometimes.


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