Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mat Sabu and Normah in 121

Remember 121, and you will automatically think of Mat Sabu and Norma. Something about getting caught in a compromising position, close proximity! Hantar ubat sembelit beb!

Read more here if you are too dumb to know about it! I wonder how an Islamic party can put someone like Mat Sabu as a leader???

I wonder why the other bloggers kept saying that the so-called erdogan had won in the PAS election.

“There is no Erdogan here. We have here spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Hadi Awang.

“This is not Turkey. We are in Malaysia,” he said in his speech during the closing of the 57th PAS muktamar yesterday.

So, basically Hadi had just admitted that the leaders in PAS are motherfuckers who are stupid as shit!

Where is the intellect in Mat Sabu? I don't think that he represents the intellects in PAS. But he sure does represent the dumb and dumber.

But, most of the majority are dumber than the dumb and dumber that they put in as their leader. That is why dumb people rules over smart people because smart people are not so smart or maybe they do not want to get involved with dirty politics.

Mat Sabu has no integrity whatsoever. When Anwar Al Juburi was in UMNO, he bashes him by giving him the honour of the nickname "Al Juburi".

However, after winning he had no balls to say that he will stop bashing Al Juburi because now Al Jub is not in UMNO anymore.

So, where is the integrity in that? PAS leaders are the biggest hypocrites who puts their grey matter between the legs and will even sell their mother or wife to Al Juburi if Al Jub gave them his money.

Al Juburi should consider giving me some money because now I have no integrity too. Pay me the money and I will bash whoever you want. Just show me the money.

Money can buy people's integrity so don't be a hypocrite and make adverts about promoting to people to have integrity.

I will work for someone who is dumb as a retard if you pay me the right price. I will even act stupid like a cow and swallow your stupidity...


  1. 121 = one to one = close proximity. hehehe

  2. Bro / Sis Anon. Yes. Funny indeed. hehehe


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