Thursday, June 16, 2011

When you are unwise you will trust even pigs that fly

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Therefore, I cannot believe how dumb people can be when they hear about getting freebies. Trust no one but yourself.

We had read reports about people being conned into becoming drug mules, paying up to a certain party to get a so-called expensive gift from an overseas pen pal, local girls getting conned by Lombok guys to run away to Indon only to live like slaves there and other types of sms or e mail scams.

The Oriental Daily News reported that a phone scam had left a 44-year-old marketing representative RM83,000 poorer. This was reported in The Sun dated 15th June 2011.

The imbecile received a phone call purportedly from a Hong Kong company. It seems that he had won a free trip to New Zealand and Australia worth RM93,000 early this month.

Due to health reasons, he turned down the offer. The caller continued to bull shit him by saying that he could cash the winning prize, if he credited RM6,620 as "tax" into an account given by the caller who said that it was a standard procedure.

He was later persuaded into paying another RM8,935 to become a member of the company to qualify for a diamond gift.

The stupid fool then received a "pleasant surprise" four days later when he was informed that he had received RM3.5 million as a member of the company.

However, he had to put back 1.5% of the money as processing fee to receive the windfall. The caller had been gracious enough to allow him to pay in installments as the imbecile had already run out of money.

In total, he had credited an enormous sum of RM83,135 into the caller's account.

He only realised that he had been conned when he did not get the money promised as the caller cited the reason that his account was inactive so the company could not credit the monies.

Actually, the question is who is the company? Is it CIA? Is it a gangster group where its members are conning the public by using these types of methods nowadays?

Money lost is money gone. Just say bye bye to that RM83,135 that you had worked so hard to save up.

There are other scams such as the scratch and win card or even by the maid agencies who conspired with Indon maids to rob the employer and run away with the loot.

Now, before you believe such crap, you should definitely wait for the RM3.5 million to be deposited into your account first, instead of rushing to the bank to pay 1.5% of the money so-called won by you.

For those who had to pay to a so-called customs to receive gifts or presents from overseas, ask yourself, if your family sent you gifts via mail, had you ever had to pay to a third party to get the gift???

So, don't be a moron who falls for scams. If you want to be that stupid, just give me the money because you will get nothing in return too if you give me your money.

I can assure you that at least I will donate 10% of what you had given me for free, to charity. Any takers?


  1. i want the money too..hehehe
    to tomfools and mr/ms greedy out there, if you are too generous to give your money to someone you dont even know, what you'll get in return is just a regret.
    i advise you all donate to charity. at least you'll get tax rebate for that.


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