Thursday, June 16, 2011

Obama has more dignity than pandikutty

Anyone who wants to be a politician, has to be just as thick-skinned as pandikutty. Only that way, you will be a successful politician. That is one of the good traits of pandikutty.

Even after he had been exposed as a sex-crazed maniac who will fuck both men and women, he stilll do not budge and will not resign.

Even after he had been an ex-convict, jailed for sodomy for sodomising his wife's driver, now in another trial for a new sodomy case for sodomising his former assistant, exposed for soliciting a hooker, he still holds his ground. Bravo! That is a truly remarkable character.

Obama could not even beat him. This is because Obama have more dignity and honour than this Al Juburi character.

In The Sun dated 15th June 2011, Obama, the United States President commented on the latest sex scandal involving Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Obama, in his own words said that he would resign if he were in Weiner's shoes.

Congressman Anthony Weiner from the Democratic Party, had been caught red-handed over the sending of lewd photos to women in online exchanges.

Weiner could not even stand the pressure after lying about his x-rated internet liaisons for days.

The lying motherfucker gave the excuse of hackers infiltrating his Twitter account. Yadaa! Yadaa! Yadaa! Yes I believe you as I believe any other lying assholes!!!!

The scumbag then called for a nationally televised press conference last Monday and made a tearful admission. I am sure this fella is gay as only gays have the nerve to tear up in public. Where's your macho man?

All the other politicians embroilled in sex-scandals should really contact Pandykutty a.s.a.po learn from him how to be just as thick-skinned and lie successfully so that people will believe him to the extend of holding an illegal demo shouting out "Reformasi" which are now quite 'basi' to defend him. Yes! We are willing to go to jail so long as Al Juburi is free... Long live Al Juburi!

Pandykutty should be a major figure who charges exorbitant fees to other politicians on how to lie successfully like him. If he is successful in lying, he can certainly teach others a tip or two. Pakatan Rakyat should not ask for their poor followers to donate to them who are much richer to fund for their general election campaign. Surely the poor should not give to the rich??? It should be the other way round.

Instead, Pandykutty can be the sole provider to contribute to the fund by holding seminars to other politicians who had been exposed in sex-scandals. Surely those politicians wants to save their careers and their power. They really could benefit from his experience as an unabashed gay and a successful liar.

If that still does not work, Al Jub should submit a working paper to Mossad or CIA on how to create chaos in Malaysia by just giving him, let's say a sum of USD 1 billion to sponsor him in the upcoming Malaysian general election. Then the money can be used by Al Juburi to go to hookers, RM2000 per night that is!

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