Friday, June 17, 2011

My fucked up experience as an UMNO cybertroopers (For Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's eyes only)

Read this article first.

I have had several fucked up experiences working for manipulative people and motherfuckers who will lie straight to your face.

Once, these motherfuckers gave me one site to manage just before the general election. After nearly 2 years handling it, they did not pay me for like 3 months citing the reasons their bosses did not pay them. I was so damn pissed off. But they kept asking me to write after a month they didn't pay and I wrote for 3 months without pay.

Where had the money gone to? Is it true that the bosses did not pay them or did someone siphon off the money to some offshore account? The same thing is happening in the grassroot where those who have the position promised to pay UMNO members for helping them to do some things for the UMNO meeting but then no money had been handed out!

I am sure that the members who had worked hard for them will feel irked and hate UMNO for the bad behaviour shown by them who had not been keeping true to their words. Don't be surprised if UMNO members voted for the opposition due to their frustration.

If you want me to write, you have to pay up. If you don't, then I won't write. What? Do you expect me to work for free? But they persuaded me to keep writing. Bloody fools! Do they expect me to write for nothing and just eat dirt. If I am a billionaire, sure I won't mind doing that.

Hey! People work because they had to eat. If I am a billionaire, I won't mind working for these motherfuckers. I'll just be lazing at home. Surely it's better than being made a fool and not getting paid.

Recently, I was tasked to manage another site. They said after probation, they will increase my pay. After the probation period ended, I casually asked the person in charge about what had been verbally said before. You know about the increase in pay? They kept mum! I knew I was getting fucked up again.

Not only that, the so-called employer or the one that handle the dough should have paid for the fucking broadband. About 2 weeks before my probation ended, this motherfucker did not pay for the broadband which resulted in me and others having to go to either a wifi or a cc to do this fucking job defending the party against the stupid opposition.

Now, if you managed to screw up to the extent of us the writers having to go and find some fucking wifi or cyber cafe and change the location everyday due to what you said about the opposition wanting to find out who is the fucking writer for the site, then WHAT THE FUCK? Not all of us have Streamyx at home you know!

A cybertrooper working from a cc is such a joke! Are you at a cyber cafe now? I am sure that the opposition cyber trooper is better looked after.

It's ironic that you want people to defend the party. Then you treat the same people working their ass off defending the party like trash because actually you are the trash that keeps telling the big boss everything's fine downstairs when you are the one who fucked up.

One more thing. The one doing the job even at 3 a.m. kept getting scolded because they do the job. The ones not doing the job but kisses the boss's arse or because they are related to the boss can get away with murder. This world is so fair! How much will anyone pay me to kiss their ass or assasinate someone? I am willing to kiss anyone's arse if they pay me well!

Do you think everyone likes to write? If that is true, then everyone will be a writer. In order for one to write, one has to read a lot to get ideas on what to write. And reading is boring for the majority of the people. That is why the statistic shows that the average Malaysian only reads 2 books a year.

Kissing the boss's ass won't make up for the fucked up things you've done towards us, the bloggers. Moreover, this all involves cash. Who knows the real amount that you handle each month and how much you pay the other bloggers? Nobody will know if you had siphoned off with only God know how much money when most of the cash is untraceable.

Moreover, I know that some who handles the cash, have no regard or care whether the party wins or losses because they are the ones being entrusted with the money and surely anybody who handles a large amount of money can manipulate and siphon off with some of the money. They don't care about the party but just care about the money.

I care about the party, but I don't give a shit about those motherfuckers. I won't name names but I know you motherfuckers are definitely reading what I am writing here. I just want to tell you to take a hike and fuck off.

If those working for the party are these assholes, maybe UMNO should lose in the next General Election. I don't have to care because obviously nobody cares. So why should I bother?

Maybe I should go and work for the fag Anwar Ibrahim who had generously forked out RM2K each month just to pay off the university students just to give comments in websites. Proves that the opposition definitely looked after their cybertroopers/bloggers welfare in a much better way.

One hillarious thing is that, that person told me that he don't understand what I had written about to rebut the opposition. How can we defend the party against the kiasus if you don't understand what I wrote about? I doubt it you understand what they write about as well. And I can't believe I am working for such an idiot!

So, dear Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.... Do you want me to work for you? Just don't be an asshole and everything will be just fine. And make sure that you are bilingual, will you?

I am sure that most of you cybertroopers out there had been fucked up real good too. Come on! Don't be shy! Just spill the beans.

Working for motherfuckers will surely make you a motherfucker too sooner or later. I know because I can feel myself growing a pair of horns on the head now.

I am now liberated and free as a bird. Now I can bash out at anyone I feel like it, whenever I want too. Here's a third finger for you assholes!

Another thing. Some bloggers (again I will not name names) thinks that they are so high and mighty and good that they bashed out about the other bloggers who are definitely better than them in my personal opinion. That's because they don't know that I have a blog too. Well, for me personally, I won't say or brag that I'm good or what but will just leave it to you bastards and bitches, to judge for yourself. Whether I am talented or not!

Those are the hypocrites who will smile to your face, praise your work and then just stab you in the back!!! And I know who you are but you won't know who I am. Just keep your mouth shut instead of bragging about yourself, comprenez? I am sick of having to wear a plastic smile and agree with what you have to say when as a matter of fact, I don't agree with what you say.

Don't think you are so great when you are not bilingual and cannot even converse well in English. I can converse in English but I don't show off that I can. In addition, I can write better in English too. So before bragging about how good you are, just shut the fuck up! I don't need to hear such nonsense.

Lastly, you guys out there just e mail me and tell me truthfully about how much you are getting paid. I could be screwed up or you could be. Let's exchange some notes so we both won't be screwed.

BTW, anyone who needs a writer due to the next general election which is just around the corner, to rebut anyone or increase your popularity, just e mail me. I'll do the job well so long as you show me the money. Money makes the world go round, not love honey! hahaha

And last but not least, instead of marrying a poor bitch, marry a rich bitch instead, because a bitch will still be a bitch whether they are rich or poor! Am I right or am I right?

At least a rich bitch will give you a comfortable life and life sucks when the majority are hypocrites .... And when my wife's old and wrinkled and not tight anymore like Wan Azizah, I could always do an Anwar and go find a teen hooker to satisfy my desire for a cunt.


  1. This ranting doesnt help, dude. Next time dont get screwed again.

  2. kalau lu orang bijak sangat, kenapa lu orang tak mau jadi menteri, ikut sedap mulut je lu orang maki hamun menteri, kalau salah zahid pun, takkan sampai tahap boleh kena maki mcm ni, takde cara lain ke nak tegur, lu ni orang solat ke tak solat, anwar tu lu ada maki mcm ni ke? eloknya zahid saman je orang yg menulis tak ikut etika ni, gunalah bahasa yg baik kalau nak tegur sesiapa pun, tak kira dia siapa? baik pemimpin atau rakyat biasa, Rasulullah ada ajar ke cakap mcm ni?

  3. Bro/Sis Anon. I wrote this way so that Datuk Hamid Hamidi reads this and know what's going on. He could be in the dark. I mentioned his name does not mean that I worked for him okay you motherfucker.

    Oh yes! Anwar got cursed from me way worst than this! If you don't believe, why don't you READ my previous articles?

    I mentioned his name because he was the one who brought up the cybertroopers issue okay!

  4. Opps sorry Datuk Zahid Hamidi that is.

  5. Bro/Sis Anon 6:56 AM. You think! I think it does coz now you guys know that there are lots of motherfuckers out there especially in UMNO.

  6. The only clever Minister that got my respect is Datuk Mustapa Mohamad and Datuk Seri Najib. If others are stupid, I will not be YES man and say they are the opposite of stupid. I will not kiss anyone's arse.

  7. Anak Nelayan PontianSat Jun 18, 02:51:00 PM 2011

    What about Khairy? Is he a bright and clever guy or just another son in law?

  8. Anak Nelayan Pontian. Sure he is bright. If not, he would never graduate from Oxford University. A guy will always be someone's son in law! And anyone will put their cronies in positions so that they can help them to work for them.


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