Friday, June 17, 2011

Motherfuckers are everywhere

The majority of the cab drivers are motherfuckers who will charge you an exorbitant price to go anywhere that you want to when you know that if they turn on the meter, the price will be much lesser than they charge.

Hence, don't blame the passengers when they don't want to board the cab because of the dishonesty of the cab drivers. It's your lost because you are greedy like a pig.

Just imagine if all the cab drivers are honest and courteous towards the passengers, regardless if the passengers are local or tourists, I am sure they will get more income because people will feel glad to board the cabs.

The authorities should do their jobs and pretend to be passengers to nab these errant cab drivers who seemed to be everywhere. I mean, if the authorities are doing their job on the field instead of sitting on your fat butt, I am sure there will be no corrupted cab drivers as well.

For example, once I tried to board a cab and if the cab turn on the meter, the charge would only be RM5 but other cabs asked for RM10. On another instance, the cab drivers asked for RM20 and when I finally found a cab willing to turn on the meter, the charge is only RM11.

The extra RM5 or RM9 counts a lot to us ordinary folks unlike Ministers who receive high salary and receive all kinds of allowance as well. That is why they can never understand why the ordinary folks like us get mad when the oil price went up.

In addition, if I am rich, I won't be taking cabs but will just drive around in a 2 seater Merc and those RM5 or RM9 will just be given away as tips. Hell take RM30 as a tip. Then the waiters will serve me like I'm a VIP.

Moreover, now the service charge is up from 5% to 6%. However, that is quite fair considering the majority of the Chinese motherfuckers who are rich can get around without paying taxes when they are the ones in control of the economy and they get away by not paying taxes.

I don't care if you don't have a passenger on your way back. You have the responsibility to take passengers wherever they want to go. You have no right to say no! If you don't want to go to certain places where the passengers want to go, why the hell are you working as a cab driver? Why don't you be a motherfucker who extorts money from people instead?

We, as the passengers or consumers have the right not to board motherfucking cabs who want to charge us more than they are supposed to. Just take their cab number down and report them to the authorities.

There is however one thing I would like to praise Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for placing MACC officers in the Customs Department to nab those Customs Officers who receives bribes from either taicos or gangsters or whoever they might be.

However, he had not been that clever when he let out Anwar Al Juburi, the motherfucker who is trying to create chaos in Kuala Lumpur under the guise of Bersih this 9th July 2011 when Al Jub is not that clean.

When people do good things, praise them so that they will strive to do better. When they fuck up, then criticize them. Not the other way round ok motherfuckers?


  1. Boulderdash DreamerFri Jun 17, 01:28:00 AM 2011

    Are you trying to compete with amirhafizi, negro?

  2. Bro HHalem. Thanks for the comment.

    Bro/Sis Boulderdash Dreamer. Amir Hafizi, the writer for Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa? No way I am that good nigger!

    If you think I am that good, you should hire me. hahaha


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