Saturday, May 21, 2011

Suggest ways to save up on the inflation of prices

Finding various ways to tighten their belts

PETALING JAYA: Cutting down on eating out at restaurants and scouring newspaper advertisements for grocery promotions are just some of the steps Malaysians are taking to meet the impending price increases.

For housewife Tan Peck Yoke, quitting her job more than a year ago to take care of her two young daughters has resulted in the family spending less.

“Previously, both of us were busy working and had no time to cook at home so we had to eat out a lot at restaurants.

“Having our children with us, I cook at home most of the time to ensure that they get a balanced diet and that helps us save a lot on our expenses,” she said yesterday.

She added that she used to buy more clothes and toys for her children but now they shared the items.

The Government has urged Malaysians to be mentally prepared for an increase in prices on various products due to the increase in oil prices and reduction in food supply caused by changes in the global climate.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin urged Malaysians to be thrifty to lessen the impact when inflation hits.

Civil engineer Jonathan Lim, who got married last month, said he and his wife always checked for newspaper advertisements to see if there were any promotions on groceries.

Lim, 27, said instead of going to expensive restaurants, they normally ate at food courts.

“We only go to fancy restaurants once a month after payday,” he said.

“Sometimes, we also check out special promotions at newly-opened restaurants for less expensive meals.”

National Heart Institute dietetics and food services senior manager Mary Easaw-John urged the public to start packing food to school and to the office to save on their daily expenses.

“For example, a two-piece sandwich pack costs about RM2.50 but it is much cheaper if we make it ourselves at home by putting some tomatoes, lettuce, tuna and cheese together with some bread,” she said.

She said parents should be more creative in food preparation for their children to ensure they did not get bored.

For her 11-year-old daughter, Easaw-John said she packed different types of sandwiches, pancakes, beehoon and spaghetti for her to take to school.

She said her family would also bring their own drinking water from home whenever they went out for food to cut down on their expenses and sugar intake.

Aircraft engineer Darren Hansraj Bennedict, 38, said instead of going to the cinemas, he spent more time watching television at home, adding that he made sure he did not spend too lavishly on food.

“I still go for branded goods when I shop for clothing but I will only buy when there is a sale,” he said.

The Star

The people should be more frugal and save up more for their children's education which is much more important.

I also eat out once a month at an expensive restaurant and cook at home to save up on spending on eating out.

Men should be as efficient as women and learn to cook so that they can also save up on eating out.

Besides saving on spending more on eating out, it is also much hygienic.

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