Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bravo DPM

I hope that you pariahs are happy as the pariahs that you are now since the government has agreed to drop the controversial phrase “kasta Paria” (“Pariah caste”) from the Form 5 Malay literature textbook Interlok, and replace it with “golongan yang sama” (“the same group”), Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced in the Dewan Rakyat this morning.

I really think that we need more intellectuals to become Ministers, maybe someone like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had been a practicing doctor and not just any Tom, Dick or Harry who will succumb to whatever demands of the people, pressure group or deviationists.

I would rather be dictated by a dictator any day than by a shitbrain who will give in to pressure.

What the hell do you mean by "golongan yang sama"? I am not a pariah and I don't want to be placed in the same group as the stinking pariahs.

This is really a good move. I am sure many people especially pariahs who felt angry about the true potrayal of who they really are, are happy about it. But I for one, am not pleased at all.

The other castes in India also looks down on pariahs there in India and even though the pariahs here are a millionaire, they are still looked down by the other castes in India.

You puto cannot admit to the lacking of your own caste, so how can you improve yourself when you deny the fact that most Indians here act like they are high and mighty in groups and will bully or rob someone else?

Only by admitting your bad traits will you be able to improve yourself. Denying what you are is not helping because you will remain what you are by denying what is really happening.

I seriously think that since Hindraf had sued the British government for the so called 'mistreatment' of the Indians here, the Malaysian government should seriously consider doing the same thing because they are the colonizers which had brought the fucking assholes here in the first place.

Next time, just let a Pariah be a Prime Minister since you are so keen on giving in to whatever demands that they have.


  1. Perhaps they will admit their faults when stupid, arrogant racists such as yourself do so.

    After all, I too am ashamed to be from the 'golongan yang sama' as you...

  2. Samad or Ah Beng pretending to be Samad. I am more ashamed to be the same group as you who would prioritize other races than your own.

    You are one of the 'Si Kitol'.

  3. your post reflecting the real 1Malaysia concept of Najib. Hidop UMNO

  4. Oh really Anon! But my post is better than the racist action of DAP communist government in Penang which discriminates and closes down Malay business.

    That is a real 'Ketuanan Komunis' concept!

  5. Bravo my brother, Looking at them and listening to their foul moutht I despise them.

  6. Thanks bro mohamed. We have to continue to expose the racist kiasu for who and what they truly are. Keep on reading and commenting!


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