Monday, January 10, 2011

Oxford grad cannot understand indirect acts?

"Beruk dalam google" should understand, when he is not made Minister or Deputy Minister of any Ministry, that he is not wanted, despite him being the Chief UMNO Youth who had won by playing dirty tricks on other candidates.

Don't try to deny that the Prime Minister is not as stupid as you think he is and that you are the one that had been trying to oust him.

If he does not understand that indirect act, then he is a nincompoop which made us wonder does he really graduate from Oxfart?

There are indications from some blogs that this character is the consultant who received USD 500,000 is the one and only "Beruk dalam google".

Also revealed that he had withdrawn 10 million from his Singapore which means good news.

Get the hell out of Malaysia with your beloved sifu, Anwar Ibrahim before both of you are locked up in the same cell.

Can those who came in defence of this KJ states what had been his contributions for UMNO and Barisan Nasional? At least list down 20 if you can. I think not even 1 that you can think of.

Oh yes! You had contributed to the lost of BN and UMNO seats in every by-election that you shown your ugly face because people hate you and you make people hate you on purpose just so that UMNO and BN will lose that seat.

KJ tried to re-direct the attention of the reporters when asked about what had been discussed with Datuk Seri Najib on Saturday during the meeting of DSN with BN MPs by saying that is just between him and DSN.

Remember that you had announced that you are not going to contest for Rembau again okay? And don't try to con us by contesting in other constituency because you will lose like the loser that you are.

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