Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No way up so GET THE HELL OUT!

OMG! One of the blogs that had been blasting 'Beruk dalam Google' has been right.

I had forgotten what is that blog but the blogger said 'beruk' will be making up sob stories to gain sympathy from the public, saying that he is furthering his studies because his devilish acts had been exposed, and then normally the opposition will come to his rescue in saying how brilliant he is since he is an OxFART pirate, what a lost to UMNO and BN if he quit, to the extend of offering him a post in their party, 'beruk' will then keep on acting gracious, turning down the offer and saying he is an UMNO loyalist.

Bla! Bla! Bla! Sigh!

Bravo to that blogger. What he predicted is so right! It is happening exactly like what that blogger said.

'Beruk dalam Google' are at the end of his wit since the arcatel contract which had been exposed as there are some quarters that had been getting profit by giving out the USD85 million contract to them.

And the responsible parties/persons involved in the deal had received a hefty sum of USD200,000 and USD700,000 in becoming the consultant.

My! My! The culprits involved are now instant millionaires, whom I am sure they will be keeping that huge sums of money in an overseas account to avoid detection locally.

The Malaysian Insider, which had been exposed by Utusan Malaysia as being funded by Kalimullah had been singing praises on 'beruk dalam google'.

Why am I wondering that opposition blogs or pro opposition websites are so interested in praising 'beruk dalam google'? Could it be that he is their Trojan Horse?

Here's are what some of the 'political analyst' said in the article titled "No way up, so Khairy exits stage".

“Stepping down does not mean he’s surrendering but he’s taking time to realign his strategy,” said analyst Professor Agus Yusoff.

Sunway Monash University lecturer Wong Chin Huat believes Khairy could be testing the waters to see what the reaction would be to his withdrawal from mainstream politics.

“He’s still young so he can take time out to further his studies as he says he wants to do and make a clean break from the past,” Wong said.

Meanwhile, this 'beruk dalam google' thinks that he can fool the masses with his recent 'hard work' which is pure acting.

But Khairy, who has mentioned before his desire to take a break from politics and further his studies, lashed out at such speculation on his Twitter account.

“You seen someone merajuk (sulk) work as hard as me? Cross 21 parliamentary kawasan (areas), 5 states in 6 days?” he stated yesterday, referring to his hectic schedule in leading BN Youth’s Jelajah 1 Malaysia programme to help fix damaged houses in those areas.

Errr. I am wondering why you were not working this hard in the past 2 years to garner support for BN and UMNO from the youths? Whenever your ugly face appear in the by-election, that constituency will suffer major losses for UMNO. You are so good in sabotaging UMNO.

Bravo! Cut your own throat because not everyone is blind as you obviously think they are! Nowadays, you had to be seen as working hard because the General Election is just around the corner!

So, this means you will not be keeping to your word when you said you will not be contesting later because your actions now proves the opposite of your lame excuse of taking time off politics to further your studies in becoming a man whore for Anwar!

I also find it hillarious when I read the news in New Straits Times titled "Khairy turns down Pas offer". Your acting is not that good. You should take serious acting lessons from your lover.

In his reply to Pas Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi at the microblogging site Twitter, Khairy said: "Saya ucapkan tkasih kpd @Tantawi100 atas tawaran beliau. Tapi tetap Umno dulu, kini & selamanya"

(I thank Tantawi for his offer, But (I am) with Umno then, now and forever).

So, congratulations to that blogger who can see in advance what this 'beruk dalam google' is going to do next because all had been revealed.


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