Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boycott any dealings with Indians!

The news taken from The Malay Mail below will give bad impression on the Indian community where the majority of us will think that you pariahs are all violent and barbaric.
Living in fear
Submitted by shaza on Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Mother of abused toddlers threatened at hospital by boyfriend and relatives
Monday, January 3rd, 2011 13:03:00

KLANG: A mother of two toddlers allegedly abused by her boyfriend is living in fear after being threatened by the man and his relatives yesterday at Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital here where her youngsters are recuperating.

"My daughter's safety is all I care about," said housewife T. Vijayaletchumy, 21, at the hospital's childrens ward where Nishalini Sere, two, and Harini, one, were being treated for injuries inflicted by the 28-year-old boyfriend for crying and refusing to speak to him.

When The Malay Mail was interviewing Vijayaletchumy, she insisted the two ward guards not leave her children and her alone.

Earlier yesterday, her boyfriend and his relatives attacked her verbally, causing a commotion at the hospital.

One of the guards said the relatives were livid at Vijayaletchumy for lodging a police report against the man.

"They would have hit her if we did not interfere. The boyfriend's family was out of control. They kept on asking her why she lodged a report as this had become a police case."

However, the guards did not alert the police of the verbal assault.

Police, who were still looking for the boyfriend, only came to know of the incident a few hours later.

Shah Alam police chief ACP Zahedi Ayob said the guards should have alerted them immediately so that police could detain the boyfriend for questioning. "We also urge the suspect to come forward voluntarily."

Last Friday, Vijayaletchumy lodged a report against the man, accusing him of abusing her daughters.

In her report, she alleged at 4pm last Wednesday at their rented flat in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam, her boyfriend tied up the wrists of the two children before slapping and punching them.

Nishalini's eyes were swollen shut and her mouth was also swollen.

Harini had a bruised left eye and cuts to her mouth. The left arm of both children wer e fractured.

Vijayaletchumy said she had known her boyfriend for four months and he was drunk at the time of the assault.

Apart from the injuries, there were signs of old injuries on the toddlers' bodies, including burn marks which were healing.

Meanwhile, the Klang Welfare Department would be taking temporary care of the toddlers after their discharge from the hospital.

Sri Muda State assemblyman Shuhaimie Shafiei had contacted the Department last Friday to make arrangements after being alerted about the case by a worried neighbour who heard the toddlers' cries.

Police had given strict orders to the ward guards not to allow any visitors except Vijayaletchumy's family members. The guards were also told to immediately alert the police of any intruders.

In Malaysiakini, an article titled "Groups threaten to burn 'Interlok' books" just proves how barbaric these pariahs can be.

You are the pariah caste from India so just accept the fact that you are that. Why are you so ashamed of who you are because that is what you are?

The British brought you pariahs here to TANAH MELAYU or MALAYA to be their slaves, to work like a dog that you are in the rubber industry so that they can drain your ancestors energy to give them income from the rubber that you tapped.

If you want to blame or sue someone, blame and sue the British colonizers because they make you their slaves. They also did that so that Malaya will be under their colonisation for decades so that they can practice divide and rule when there are different races in Malaysia. The British were betting that the different races cannot unite so that they can hold on to Malaya and steal the produce here forever.

If you are not satisfied with the pariah caste that you are, go back to INDIA. See if you get a better treatment there. Better still go to UK and then burn your passports so that you will be illegals there and work as dishwashers.

Vaithilingam adds that the book also instills the idea among schoolchildren that the Indian and Chinese communities are 'pendatang (immigrants)'.

“It (the book) had made us look bad... it is degrading that we are labeled as paria, that we are poor struggling families and that we are immigrants,” he said.

“If it is fiction, then it's fine... But making it seem real and to make it a literature book for the children to learn? This is not the way,” he said.

“It (Interlok) implies that all Malaysian Indians are off the lowest caste, which is the 'pariah'. But that is clearly not true. So are all Indians 'pariah' just because our ancestors are from mainland?” he asked.

Vaithilingam added that that the book does not reflect Najib's 1Malaysia concept.

Pariah! Before you comment on something, make sure you understand what it is.

Look at the vision and mission of DAP's Malaysian Malaysia.

The vision of the party is to establish a peaceful and prosperous social democracy that can unite its disparate races and diverse religions and cultures based on:

1. a Malaysian Malaysia concept by forging Malaysian race with universal moral values,

2. offering equal access and opportunity;

3. democractic governance and rule of law;

4. creating wealth and distributing wealth equitably; and

5. fighting against corruption.

DAP is a splinter party from PAP in Singapore. PAP upholds communism. So does DAP. Whatever name it refers to Malaysian Malaysia or Middle Malaysia, it is still communism.

1Malaysia is an on-going political programme designed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on September 16, 2008, calling for the cabinet, government agencies, and civil servants to more strongly emphasize ethnic harmony, national unity, and efficient governance.

1Malaysia is not Malaysian Malaysia or Middle Malaysia. It is a concept thought by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to unite Malaysians.

This is due to the racist statements made by DAP and Pakatan Rakyat to divide the people as they had done when DAP went over the line in provoking the Malays until 13th May 1969 racial clash occured.

Bring it on if you want to see it happening again! This time I assure you, we will make sure communism does not exist in Malaysia again.

So, get that straight and don't keep using the excuse of not reflecting Najib's 1Malaysia concept okay, pariah? If you are not satisfied, go back to India where you can become a begger there.

You Indians like to indulge in gangsterism when you get together and bully others. You also like to abuse your wife/girlfriend because you think that you are God's gift to women and women are like animals that you can step on.

There are many illegal temples that appears everywhere and that is the place where you hide your loot after you robbed the bank. By the way, some of you pariahs in India still burn their wives when they don't get the dowry that they asked for.

So before you complain about anyone being discriminative towards the pariahs, look at yourself and your pariah behaviour first. Those are some of the unpleasant facts that you wish to hide but it is happening in your community.

Don't think that you can bully anyone here okay because this is MALAYsia not INDIA! What? So you want to kill me now because I divulge your true colours? That's what you pariah like to do, threaten others to make yourself feel big.

Any realistic Malaysian will feel afraid of any pariah what more with the case of a pariah lawyer who killed Datuk Sosilawati and many more which had been exposed last year.

Boycott all pariah because you will end up being a corpse if you make a deal with a pariah. Pariahs cannot see people get rich on their own accord, so they will lie to you, murder you in the most awful and unthinkable way by burning you with cow dung after stabbing you multiple times and steal your money to make themselves just as rich.

Go to hell with Hindraf, Human Rights Party and other Indian pariah being used by the opposition to destabilise Malaysia!!! The sooner the better.

P/s: A little bird told me that a few months back, a commotion happened in Sunway Mentari when a pariah who tried to steal a motorcycle was nearly caught by a policeman. He called his gang and beat up the police. That area had been monitored by the police after the incident. Fuck you, you pariahs!



  2. Ms Pearl. Dah la kaum pendatang, tak mengaku pulak. Kalau malu jadi kaum pendatang, balik negara kau la. Betul tak?

  3. I'm afraid all you're doing is making a bad name for Malays. I won't bother commenting on the racist things you have said in this article, but I will repeat what I have always told you.

    This country belongs to all Malaysians. Including the Malays. But also to the Indians and Chinese. You just have to accept that.

    Also I suggest you read real History books, instead of the drivel set by our Kementrian Pendidikan. The Indians were brought here from colonial India to help run the country. They worked under the British, but only because they were more civilised than the Malays at the time.

    Judging from your article, it sadly seems that some Malays haven't even come anywhere near reaching the level of civilisation of the Indians even 54 years ago...

  4. Samad. Oh yes. The Indians were so civil to the extend of being brought here to work hard like the slaves of the British colonizers. That's how civil they are! hahaha

    Would a civil person like you be working hard in a farm in USA like a dumbass slave if Malaysia is colonized by the USA?

  5. samad, i'm not going to rise up to WU's drivel even if i don't concur with his views because it's his blog and he's at liberty to say whatever he wants to say. we don't have to be here if we don't like it.

    what i want to say has something to do with your condescending attitude towards melayus in general. the indians were brought here to work under the british because they were more civilised that the malays? you don't say...!

    if my history has not failed me, a great majority of the indians from the sub-continent were brought here as indentured labourers to toil in the rubber estates, with only a select few coming to serve under his majesty's service as administrators etc.

    you are a darn presumptious twat, do you know that? granted the indian civilisation went back a long way, cast another look at nusantara, you blockhead.. majapahit, srivijaya etc.. hindu kingdoms no doubt, but malay civilisation nonetheless..

    pandai tak boleh diturut, bodoh tak boleh diajar.

  6. Bro Anon 9:55 PM. Bravo bro. Yes Samad. Start your own blog instead of criticizing other people's views. You can be a smart ass and defend the civil Indians there.

  7. Melayu harus bersatu untuk maju kehadapan. perkara utama yang harus kita singkir daripada diri kita adalh dengki pada orang lain yang maju dan sifat pemalas yang ada pada sesetengah orang melayu. tak perlulah kita marah2 orang2 india. islam tak ajar kita untuk memaki hamun orang lain.

    mat kool

  8. Betul tu bro Anon. Kalau India kurang ajar dan bunuh Melayu pun, kita terima sajalah. Jangan maki depa. Nasihatkan depa. Biar orang kita mampus pun, takpe.

  9. @ Anonymous Wed 9.55 pm:

    I had no intention of disrespecting the Malay civilisation which I will be the first to agree, was magnificent in it's own right and is only to be looked upon with awe and respect.

    However you understand, I had to word my response that way because it is the only way to get through to bigots like Wake Up!

  10. Muthu a/l Samy. You are a pariah bigot using a Malay's name. Fuck off pariah.

  11. Deeiii!! Cit!! Busuk punya worang!! Itu hati dalaamm ada itu busar punya bataaa. Mara kalo, mau minum yitu yais,..kasi sujok sama dia. Blakang, baru bole kasi tau sama worang awak punya itu fikiran, hemm..ammak! Saya bukan itu Sammy Vellu, tapi itu 'Valued' Samidol jugak mau kasi itu sikit 'pendapatan'. Worang ada bilang, 'itam-itam tampok manggis,...sunggo itam dalam banyak putih lagi manis', butol kaa Tambi??
    The only the trouble makers are mostly from the estate's community. Some of them are very educated, but yet still have this unsatisfactory feeling and the urge to making trouble!! Just look at the deceased Cosmetic millionaire case, Sosilawati?? Who's behind it? Even if the Indian civilization has a very much earlier birth date than the Malays, this does not mean that they are better, or,..are they?? The educated study history and using their knowledge to manipulate others like the 'acis' who are living in poverty for their own personal ambitious plan, whatever that might be. The situation might be worse than one could imagine for most of the followers are uneducated non-working youngsters with no specific goal to achieve except for being very proud joining a gangster body and feeling good beating up weak people!!

  12. Yo bro Anon. This is my blog so I damn well will say whatever I want to. If you have something to say, make your own blog, okay?


Say whatever that is on your mind. Heck! This is a free country after all. If the racists Chinese can swear at the Malays as much as they want, we can do that as well.

However, I will not be held responsible to whatever that you have to say. The comment is solely the private opinion of the author.