Monday, January 3, 2011

Get the hell out of UMNO you fag!

Is this what you were doing in Oxford? No wonder you idolized a faggot!

Just because some asshole graduates from Oxford, it doesn't mean that they are brilliant enough to succeed on their own effort.

He refers to everyone as 'beruk' especially Tun Dr Mahathir whom he has a grudge on. So, his nickname is 'beruk itam' because he is monkeying around calling other people what he actually is and he is black as the night.

He is nothing compared to Bill Gates or Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhari, both aren't graduates but are more successful than this twatwaffle.

For instance, there's this moron who had thought of a short cut to make it big in Malaysia's politic by the easiest way, which is to marry the daughter of the Prime Minister.

Before this, he was the most loyal follower of Anwar Ibrahim, to the extend of him courting Nurul Izzah. Anwar Ibrahim was the Deputy Prime Minister then so it's obvious that he is the one to be the next Prime Minister.

So, this nincompoop swoops down like a 'beruk' with wings to court Nurul Izzah. This person who is listed as the number one search of 'beruk' in Google is a real jackass.

After Anwar Ibrahim had been sacked in the most disgraceful manner ever to occur in the history of Malaysia politics because he is actually a spy for the foreign country and indulges in homosexual activities, this Anwar asslicker had to change his plans to plan B.

He went to court Pak Lah's daughter, Nori via the accident he staged while he was in U fucking K just to get to know her and sweet talk her until she melted in his arms.

Oh my God Nori! Don't you have any taste at all? What did this dickbag said to you to make you fall heads over heels for him? Can't you see he's ugly?

You would gamble your future children's genes with this grotesque looking gay? What were you thinking? Thank goodness your children aren't as dark as a nigger.

Oh, yes! You weren't. Maybe you were just feeling happy because someone wants to marry you, looking whalelike as you are. Come on! You're a former PM's daughter. Haven't you heard of Keepslim or dieting?

You will look like a model when you are slim like one but right now, you look like a maid. Maybe that's why your husband keeps a gorgeous 'pontianak' around no matter how smelly her armpits are.

Beruk! If you happen to be reading this, read what others who despise you had to say about YOU.

I know someone from University of Liverpool from U fucking K is your most avid admirer since he/she blasted me in the previous article. Is he one of your Level 4 boys that you previously hired to do the most unthinkable damage to Malaysia?

Are you going to join your lover to continue your studies and taking time off politics? You are so gay! Maybe you are one, that's why you are putting Anwar Ibrahim on a pedestal.

Yes. You tards out there. Be careful when you are bullshitting me for I can track you down and know where you are from.


  1.'re.all,stupid!Mon Jan 03, 06:39:00 AM 2011

    By shouting out to a certain person who has posted his/her view, you have just justified yourself to be an uneducated retard who is unable to take any criticism. Mind you, you are posting on an open web where anyone and everyone is allowed access to this rubbish you call a blog where you post slander and absolute garbage for the public.

    By calling someone a fag and then further elaborating on gay people, you have just proved that you are a massive bigot and a person whose parents are unable to afford to send you abroad to study(based on how you referred to people who study in the UK "SOMEONE FROM THE FUCKING U OF K"), thus you do not appreciate the value of a fellow intellectual. I am disgusted to refer to you as a "fellow", though, because though you seem to have a good command of english, your IQ seems to be of a lower level.

    You have also shown that you are unable to accept gay people for what they are. You should join the PERKASA boys in their little attempt to show the whole world how they are unable to accept homosexuality in the world just because they are, katak di bawah tempurung. Or, are you hiding your own homosexuality with homophobia because you, secretly want your dad and your grandpa giving it to you in all orifices at once?


  2. Hehehe

    You know what he did in Oxford last summer, but some know what he did in Bangkok or Singapore last-last year with an actress and models. Islam Adahari kot?

    Semoga dia dah insap.

  3. Hi there cuntass from University of Liverpool. Yes, I do know where you're from, you bastard. I sure touched a sensitive point there to make you explode.

    Have you banged a pecker today you twatwaffle?

    Whoa! I am so scared by your bumblefuck threats. Just because you are in the University of Liverpool, doesn't make you better than the rest of us studying locally.

    This is a free world where everyone is free to say anything. If you can say that Muslims are terrorist. I can say you buttfuckers are retards.

    Enjoy your assbanging because you will surely gets HIV from it. Besides studies by psychiatrists have proved that gays have mental problem.

    Bro Megat Alam Gempita. He did the same thing even here in Malaysia.

  4. ini beruk.. perangai sama dengan abang angkat dia.. pencen je la politik habis cerita tiada lagi duri dalam daging.. ataupu join anwar senang sikit hendak berperang.. jelas

  5. Bro dzimba MMIM. Mana boleh macam tu? Kan dia tu Trojan Horse dalam UMNO. Tugas dia ialah jahanamkan UMNO dari dalam. Pecat sajalah duri dalam daging tu dari UMNO.

  6. liver-fucking-pool?

    That shithole is full of chinks who are related to the retards up in London who stupidly tore up their Malaysian passports thinking that they'd get British citizenship by doing so. Ended up being overstaying stateless dishwashers instead. Pathetic.

  7. Bro Anon. They sure are pathetic. Don't accept those ungrateful brats as Malaysians again. Let them be fucking stateless.


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