Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beruk google testing water

The best news in the new decade is when a 'beruk itam' confims he won't be defending Rembau seat.

Oh wait! Will he do it or won't he? He can't seem to make up his mind.

Maybe he just need a little push so that he won't continue to be so thick skinned.

Ukh! Ukh! Ukh! We hate you beruk. Buzz off. Go back to the jungle where you came from.

Khairy confirms he won’t defend Rembau seat


PETALING JAYA: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has confirmed speculation on social networking site Twitter that he will not defend his Rembau seat in the next general election.

When asked to verify the speculation that he might not contest in the 13th general election, Khairy replied “yes” via SMS.

He had earlier created quite a buzz in Twitter when he sent a tweet about taking a break from politics.

“Hope to help win more youth support for BN (Barisan Nasional) in 2011 & work hard preparing for elections. Then I’m taking a break from politics. Can’t wait,” Khairy wrote on Twitter.

His tweet generated much response from his followers who wondered if the Rembau MP was not going to defend his seat in the 13th general election.

“I would like to ‘stand down’ as they say in the UK. A couple of things I’d like to do before it gets too late,” tweeted Khairy in response to a follower who asked him what he meant by a “break”.

Asked how long he planned to be away from politics, Khairy replied: “Indefinite. Not sure what I will be doing. A few things I want to do like go back to school.”

Khairy first mentioned the possibility of not defending his seat in an interview with a newsportal last July.

At that time, he clarified his statement a day later, saying he was only mulling the possibility and that he had yet to make a firm decision on the matter.

This 'beruk dalam Google' is really a kill joy when he said he was only mulling on the possibility.

Don't mule because you are a monkey. You are surely proving yourself to be a copycat of Anwar Ibrahim if you retract your statement.

Anwar Ibrahim made an assurance not to contest against Tun Ghaffar Baba once upon a time.

A few months later, he give a completely different statement. You are repeating his acts 'beruk'.

I bet you are only gambling with your statement not to contest to see if you will get people to support you not to do it. Just resign 'beruk'.

Nobody likes you anyway. People are sick of you, your stupid antics and your blackness because you are not only having a dark complexion and skin, your heart is black as coal too.

Which school are you going back to? MI6 or CIA school to enhance your sucking acting skills? I am sure Singapore is so unhappy with your decision.

You could save a lot of money if you take acting classes from the beautiful 'pontianak'.

Here's a cheer that is the most appropriate for you.

Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign. Resign beruk resign.

I will be cheering you everyday until you really resign from a post in which you did not lift a finger to do anything to attract the youths to support UMNO or BN.



    take a break or merajuk? hehe

  2. jangan percaya sangat..beruk ni ikut perangai abang angkat dia putar putar putar. Kalau betul bagus jugak biar dia berehat dan fikir betul batul mahu BN/UMNO atau PKR.? Ni tidak makan kiri kanan bro..

  3. Ms Pearl. Aku peduli apa si beruk tu nak merajuk. Biarlah al jub pujuk kau beruk.

    Bro dzimba MMIM. Aku rasa dia ni makan depan belakang macam abang angkat dia jugak. hahaha

  4. Hello there, I thought I'd take some time of my busy schedule to right a comment here on your sorry excuse of a blog to highlight the inane, illogical, homicidal, bigotry and nauseating stupidity induced from your "writings" and I use the word loosely here because I do have trouble distinguishing it from the barking of mad dogs with rabies. Do bear with me for a moment if you limited mind can comprehend half of what it is I am saying.

    Firstly, you are showcasing your degenerate behaviour in a manner that that reeks of an angst filled rebellious teenager that has just hit upon puberty and is striking out at the world in his attempt to validate his existence by ranting incomprehensible garbage that reeks of utter bullshit. But then again this may be due to your inbred nature and no I'm not one to judge, merely inferring from your good work such as referring to yourself and your ethnic group as bastards and bitches.

    Really, you insult the educated Malays by thinking they would want to stoop to your level of incompetence. Here we have Khairy, good chap he was if abit misguided by joining your party of war mongering zealots, whom has an Oxford education showcasing meritocracy at its best and in contrast we have you calling him an animal. I'm sorry but I didn't know a whole new level of stupid could exist until I stumbled upon this coma inducing series of writings that comprise your blog.

    Now I you shall retaliate not in a logical, an eloquent manner by justifying your actions but will instead resort to a series of colourful slurs (oh look a pun) ethnic or otherwise. Whats that? Its presumptious you say!? Perhaps just as presumptious as your opinions toward other groups and people even those within your ethnic group.

    Talk is cheap and I know you enjoy hiding behind your feeble wall of anonymity shouting you mouth off and so I shall insult you in a similar fashion you little cunt just because I can. Whats that? Hypocracy you say? Just offering you a dosage of the bullshit which is expoused by the politicians you have a hard on at night for namely your lying party president. Truly you are a sad little man that is sadly devoid of the common mental faculties that graced many a person in every ethnic group including your own but sadly you have showcased to be a very degenerate exception. Happy fucking new year.

  5. Your.Mom. Yes go fuck a pig because you are one.

  6. Oh and isn't it funny how despite asking whats on my mind you require permission to post a fucking comment in this place? Whats the matter, afraid of getting your ass kicked by freedom of expression?

  7. Your.Mom. Are you one of the goons that is sent by that brilliant Oxford graduate that could be graduating just because he is a spy for a foreign country?

    Yes. Intelligent agencies can confirm that any of their agents passed with flying colours from any universities in the world.

    If you are so outspoken and eloquent, where's your blog since you are so determined in defending that fucking asshole?

    You can write whatever fucking sucking asshole praises you want to get something from that 'beruk dalam google'.


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