Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taking Israel to International Criminal Court

These are some of the experiences shared by the Malaysian volunteers who was on the humanitarian aid convoy detained by the Israeli authorities.

A Muslim Care Malaysia executive councillor Abd Halim Mohd Redzuan said he was interrogated for half an hour, during which the military tried to associate him with al-Qaeda.

"They probably thought I am a terrorist as I spotted long hair in the passport but my hair was short like a commando when I was arrested," he told reporters here Sunday.

Meanwhile, LL4G mission chief Noor Azman Mohd Samsuddin, 41, said he was forced to sit down on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back for 15 hours.

"After that, we were blindfolded and taken to a prison where were held for 12 more hours in a cell divided between two and four persons.

"Once they were satisfied with the interrogation, we were told to leave Israel immediately as they told us that we could be charged in court if we remained for more than three days in the country," he added.

Simultaneously, a special local law practitioners team, led by lawyer Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim, will be filing a petition to take Israel to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.

"What the Israelis did to the Gaza-bound humanitarian activists clearly violates international laws as well as human rights.

"The proof of their brutalities is available in video clips and from witnesses," Kamilia, who is Wanita Umno vice-chief, told reporters here Sunday.

This is a long awaited good news since Israel had been responsible for the crimes against humanity for many decades without anyone having the balls to take them to the International Criminal Court.


  1. Israel..Bangsa yang disebut berulang kali dalam Al-Quran. Sampai bila pun akan jadi bangsa yang begitu sombong dan angkuh. Sedangkan nabi dibunuh-bunuh.

  2. Nabi dibunuh mereka. Kitab Taurat pun diubah mereka. Inilah dajal yang disebut-sebut di dalam hadis nabi.

  3. Wake up man! Do we have strenght? Will power and commitment? No. Be real man. Palastine deserved this misery. They ununited. They kill each other every minute. Hamas hate PLO, they pull the trigger coz of differences among them. Near future it will happen to us. Let them died.

  4. Yes. Let them die without any of us helping our brothers. The same will happen to us if the communist DAP rule Malaysia.

  5. Salam All,

    the secret weapon is media, media, media. they've brain wash the world everyday from nat geo to jurasic pork to chuck to cnn to u name it, we only got al jazeera, pity.


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