Sunday, June 6, 2010

Say no to DAP!

DAP leaders have been as quite as a mouse about the recent terrorist act of Israel towards the unarmed volunteers who was on their way to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

I hope that the Malay Muslims will realise that DAP is just the same as the zionist who will oppress the Malay Muslims in Malaysia if ever they are in control of the Federal Government as being proven by the countless merciless act towards the Muslims in Penang.

None of the DAP leaders had commented in their respective blogs condemning the terrorist act of the terrrorist state, Israel.

This proves that only terrorists like DAP will support terrorist like Israel.

When you think of DAP, you should think of Israel, terrorism and communism.


  1. DAP is Malaysian PAP of Singapore.
    Look what the PAP has done to the Malays of Singapore. DAP will do the same thing as in Penang.
    Come on Malaysian Malays.
    WAKE UP!

  2. But most malays in opposition never realize about this...poor thing...

  3. No one in singapore would dare to demonstrate in front of the isreal embassy because the government of singapore is an ally of the terrorist state.

    Singaporean don't have the chance to voice up their opinions at all and that is the dap democracy if they were to rule Malaysia so I urge the Malaysians to wake up in standing up for the rights of the Gazans people.

    Viva, Tun Dr Mahathir for his efforts to fight the war criminals.I salute you Tun.

  4. That I've said before DAP is a Dajjal Alliance Party, an ultra kiasu harbi secularis-pluralis liberalis-socialis-communist (SIPLIS) cauvinist opportunis laknatullah, a desendant of Gog and Magog

  5. Definitely no, Sir.

    They were the splinter group of PAP of Singapore when Lee Kuan Yew was kicked out of Malaysia for aggressively promoting the so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" slogan that was subversive to the Malay Special Position enscribed as Article 153 of the Constitution.

    Lim Kit Siang continued to flog it and it led to the May 13, 1969 racial riots.

    Some Malays, in their craze for power, have allowed themselves to be led by the nose like cows by the DAP. Just look at how the Ngeh and the Ngoh telling half Malay Nizar what to do when briefly in power in Perak.

    Many Malays have realised their big mistake supporting DAP in the 2008 general elections. They were venting their frustrations against the flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy Tun Dol's administration.

    No more. No DAP. Racist, chauvinist, subversive and all that. They even want communist terrorist leader Chin Peng back. Terrible.

  6. But to PAS, DAP is their Saviour. Be careful ... or else .... PAS will declare jihad on you.

  7. Why should we be scared of the Wahabi PAS when they are not representing the true as sunnah wal jamaah?

    They should declare jihad on the Jews terrorising the Palestinians if they are truly Muslims. Not declaring war on other Muslims.


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