Thursday, June 10, 2010

Social problem and crimes

Although we will be swarmed by the 2010 Fifa World Cup which is scheduled to take place between 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa, we must not forget about more serious problems faced by our country, the world and the Muslims in Gaza. I am sure this is another tactic by Illuminati to move the attention of the ignorant people who are not aware about their existence and their purpose to rule the world using New World Order.

There are more serious matters that needs our attention although we do have to unwind from being bombarded with various issues and problems faced in our daily lives. For instance, the social problems created by our youths, the crime rate, racism, and not to forget the bombardment of some Muslim nations under the pretext of having weapons of mass destruction that hasn't been found until now.

After reading the pdf in my previous posting in here, we must think of ways so that the Malay teenagers will follow the good example of their Chinese friends who does not indulge in wasteful activities after the school hours.

I think that most Malay parents have a care less attitude towards their children. They don't care about how their teenagers spent their time after school hours. Parents should show good example. They should also discipline their children just like what the Chinese parents do to their children.

From my observation, the Chinese parents will fill up their children's time with useful activities. After school, the children will be sent to piano lessons, tuition classes, having outdoor activities such as camping during the school holidays and many more. When the children are tired at the end of the day after doing all these activities, they will not have the time to waste or indulge in crimes or 'lepaking'.

According to Bukit Aman in a Berita Harian report dated 22nd September 1993, between 1990 and 1992, a total of 37,602 individuals had been arrested for the property crimes and force. From those amount, 9.17% or 3450 are teenagers.

A report by Pemadam (Persatuan Mencegah Dadah Malaysia) exposed the rate of drug abuse from January until December 2005, showed that a total of 22,344 are the Malay addicts, 5,131 are the Chinese addicts and 3,228 are from the Indian race.

Snatch thieves can also bring bad image to our country's tourism as tourists who fell prey to them will have a bad experience as stated by two female British tourists who were traumatised after one of them fell prey to snatch thieves in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday in 2009 Julie and Connie, wrote a letter about their ordeal to The Star, saying that the incident had ruined their holiday and they would not return to Malaysia. (The Star, 11th June 2009)

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, (16th January 2009, Utusan Malaysia) had also revealed that about 10,000 individuals were involved in becoming secret members of eight groups involved in various crimes and gangsterism in Selangor.

We have to think of creative ways so that these social problem and crimes indulge by the teenages can be curbed. For instance, the parents have to play an important role in their children's lives. They have to be involved in their children's lives. Get to know their friends, find out what they like to do and support that by letting them indulge in it so that they can get some skills. Send the children to motivational camps.

Academically, the teenagers can indulge in extra-curriculum activities such as joining the computer club, mathematics club, girls scout to enhance their skills. Let them use their time to get skillful in other things than studying so that they can be an all-rounded student.

Since the gangsterism and bullying problem are getting more serious in schools, a legislation in schools could be introduced in school where the police involvement can be used by the school administrators in disciplining the students so that the students will be fearful to indulge in crimes in school. Moreover, parents should not blame the teachers if their children who are bullies or breaking the laws of the school are being punished. They should support the school's decision instead of siding with their children's unruly behaviour since they could have learn it from them.

School counsellors must play their part in giving counselling to the problematic students. During my time in the secondary school, there is such a thing as students being other students counsellors too because surely a student will feel more comfortable in pouring out their problem to someone of their own age (pembimbing rakan sebaya).

The Parents and Teachers Organisation (PIBG) have to play a role as well so that a meeting between parents and teachers have to be made for problematic students so that the parents will know what problems are being faced by their children. The parents should view all advice openly and positively for the betterment of their children.

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