Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Illuminati and PKR

Compare Illuminati to PKR flag.

“Their excuse that those on board the ship were the first to attack is an insult to intelligence, since their boarding of the ship was in itself an act of aggression and it was those on board who had every right to defend themselves,” Mustaffa said in a statement sent via email to Malaysian Digest.

“This incident is yet another example of Israel resorting to extreme and shocking brutality in reaction to an act which the Israeli authorities are alone in seeing as a threat to their sovereignty,” he added.

That was the excerpt from an article titled "PKR Slams Israeli Attack on Mavi Marmara" dated 1st June 2010.

We know very well the connection of PKR and Illuminati where PKR is one of the tools of Illuminati here in Malaysia. So don't pretend to be a goody two shoes when you are in fact a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Only ignorant people will believe in PKR, whose leader, Anwar Ibrahim had persuaded Malaysia to accept the help from IMF(another tool of the Illuminati) in the 1997 Asean economic crises.

Here is what Tun Dr Mahathir had to say on the drop in the value of the Malaysian currency:

"We are Muslims and the Jews are not happy to see Muslims' progress. We may suspect that they have an agenda but we do not want to accuse them... If viewed from Palestine, the Jews have robbed Palestinians of everything but they cannot do this in Malaysia, so they do this."

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  1. Well, it looks to me that there is a picture of an ANUS on the PKR flag. I mean, if I look closely, the two white crescents are enclosing a hole that does look like an ANUS. Gosh! Who the hell designed this flag for PKR?


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