Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A communist party will ignore Palestinian or Muslim issues

Let's face it. DAP is unconcerned about the fate of the Palestinians slaughtered on a daily basis by the Israeli regime.

None of the plight faced by the Palestinians is worth to blog about in Lim Kit Siang's blog.

However, his son Lim Guan Eng is a bit clever by putting a 7 paragraph article condemning the Israeli attacks on the Freedom flotilla.

Though we are fully aware that is only pure 1st class acting straight from Anwar Ibrahim who had been quite hesitant to be condemning his big boss, the Israel who had been giving him the fund to create chaos in Malaysia since PKR is the Illuminati tool in Malaysia.

Even Teresa Kok has not even commented on it. Hannah Yeoh has not touched anything on that subject. None was written about it in Wong Ho Leng's blog.

We can conclude then that the same will be happening here in Malaysia soon if DAP were to rule the Federal Government.

They are propogating communism under the name of Middle Malaysia. Middle Malaysia is the new name to replace Malaysian Malaysia.

DAP was the splinter party of PAP Singapore which is also a communist party. PAP has four major "ideologies" of the PAP: pragmatism, meritocracy, multiracialism, and Asian values or communitarianism.

Read about the link between Illuminati and communism here.


  1. Part of israelism has been adopted in their agenda's. Sooner or later, once DAP rule the country more Jews companies and diplomatic connection will take place. One eg; Singapore.

  2. Then Melayu Pas should vote for them because only under DAP, the PAS will get that lesson..but beleive me..They doesn't bother about what have you written or said. Ingatkan Yahudi saja yang degil..

  3. Salam,

    Wonder why, then zionist help their brother PAP in in developing the early Singapore after breakin up with Malaysia in 1963.

  4. Mat Sabu, ayam tambatan ceramah PAS sebelum ini dalam satu kenyataan dalam satu ceramah pernah mendewa-dewakan Komunis, ini menunjukkan PAS tak pedulikan apa pun janji mereka dapat kuasa. Inilah sikap PAS yang singkatan bagi POLITIKKAN APA SAJA (PAS). Mat Sabu menyamakan Komunis sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan, tapi fahamkan Mat Sabu berkenaan perjuangan Komunis itu? Komunis mahukan negara berbentuk republik, maknanya segala hak raja Melayu akan dihapuskan dan ketuanan Melayu akan juga dihapuskan. Malahan kalau Komunis masa Darurat 1948-1960 dapat berkuasa, siapakah yang akan jadi Presiden Tanah Melayu sekiranya Tanah Melayu adalah republik? Jawapannya adalah Chin Peng, Tanah Melayu berketuakan seorang bukan bumiputera. Inilah yang Mat Sabu tak faham tapi mengada-ngada kata dia faham berkenaan Komunis ini. PAS sudah teruk, tak boleh diharap lagi untuk kepentingan bumiputera, PKR pun sama, sanggup ketepikan kepentingan bumiputera bila bertembung dengan kepentingan diri mereka sendiri. Nilaikanlah. Sekian, terima kasih.


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