Monday, May 17, 2010

Malays should prioritise their race just like the Chinese

DAP won the Sibu seat with a majority of 398 votes. Wong (DAP) got 18,845 votes while Robert Lau (BN) got 18,447 votes. Independent candidate Narawi Haron managed to garner 232 votes.

Total No. of Registered Voters: 54,695 (including 2,537 postal voters)
Number of voters who cast ballots: 32,742
Voter turnout: 59.86 per cent

This is hardly surprising since the Chinese voters are cleverer in manipulating the votes so that the party that will represent them will be the ones that will voice out their wants which is now after succeeding to control the economy of Malaysia, they are becoming more greedy. MCA and Gerakan are not doing anything to ensure that Barisan Nasional will remain strong. The same thing can be said about MIC.

They are now contemplating and planning how to control the political power in Malaysia. I am sure that the MCA and Gerakan in Barisan Nasional is also feeling the same thing as what the Chinese voters are feeling. The Chinese in MCA and Gerakan are more witty in this game as the Chinese are not hold by sentiments like the stupid Malays in PAS and PKR. The Chinese can be united whatever party they may be, they will be together as long as their race can succeed in becoming the Prime Minister soon.

DAP are now clapping their hands and laughing behind our backs for the stupidity of PAS and PKR for playing a part in making this possible. Nik Aziz is the most simpleminded Wahabi ever that he can let himself be a pawn in this game that will sell out the Malays in their own land soon if this trend continues. Nothing more can be said about Anwar Ibrahim since he is willing to sell his soul to the Jews so that he could become Malaysia's Prime Minister at whatever cost it might be.

Nik Aziz the ignoramus can never think what will happen to the Malays if ever DAP come into power in the Federal level. Do you think that the Chinese will ensure that the fate of the Malays will be taken care of? I think that the first thing the Chinese will do is to drop the Malay special rights if they have 2/3 majority to change the constitution. This is not something I made up to scare you but if you see what is happening around us now, with the Chinese discriminating and bullying the Malay, THIS COULD HAPPEN! 2/3 majority could change everything.

MCA and Gerakan is celebrating DAP's success too as they are CHINESE first and Malaysian second. They are happy that their comrades have won the Parliamentary seat. I would like to ask this crucial question. Where are the component parties during the by election since they do not show that they are working for Barisan Nasional and helping BN to win by persuading their race to vote for BN? I think Dr Chua Soi Lek is busy playing with his mistress than going all the way out to work for BN.

In the Hulu Selangor by election, the Chinese vernacular schools received RM7 million for their schools but it is proven here that the Chinese race is an ungrateful lot. This was shown loud and clear with the results in the Sibu by election.

Why does Datuk Seri Najib willing to give RM18 million to the Chinese vernacular schools when the rate of the Chinese votes dropped in Hulu Selangor? Stop giving any help to a race that is not grateful, a race that has already succeeded economically in this country called Malaysia.

They have controlled the economy now it is clear they have an ulterior motive of controlling the political power in this country too. Read here.

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  1. Whoever you are,
    I empathize and truly discern the message on your blog.
    What is your concern and rage, is felt by me too.

    It is not only the Malays that have to be reminded of the horrific May13, but also everyone else. As the peace of this nation has remained, on terms of a Status-Quo and an understanding by the people of Malaysia, of acceptance of the Racial realities of this country, and gets precedence in Politics and bureaucracy of this country, and which culture, language, religion shall define the course of this Nation.

    Today, All has been forgotten, and some ignorant young brats from a certain community are now ravaging this country with all hate sentiments in order to and planting dangerous ideas of changing the socio-political landscape of this country too radically.

    The audacity of these brats is now unmatched, and they march openly unashamed, uncouth and least concern of sensitivities, religious, racial and constitutional.

    These people have taken the peace and prosperity of this country for granted, and have forgotten their limits and boundaries of social interactions and respect. They demand everything under the sun, irrespective of whether they even deserve it.

    This radical population has taken root, and polarized the people of Malaysia. It is now imperative on everyone sensible to counter these people. One way is to Dilute their voices.
    Some one threw a suggestion of accepting large number of Migrants both professionals and middle class from Muslim countries, the kind who share same values of society, culture and religion with us, who are the ones, who can easily integrate with this nation, and in any day wont be mixing with such radical voices, who want to pull the nation into a dangerous abyss.

    There needs to be an attempt in reshaping and reforging the society of this nation, and the ill-mentality of this section of the society must be diluted at all levels, to the point their voice becomes meek and irrelavent.


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