Monday, May 17, 2010

Do something else if we what we are doing now is not working

The Malay race should come together after this dissapointing results of the Sibu by election. DAP, a party which is known to be a bigot and a chauvinistic racists had won in Sibu by 398 votes. Why can't we follow the Chinese attitude in terms of unity for the good of our race? Unity is strength. If we are sundered, it will be easier to break us apart.

The Chinese race are much more brilliant in their political move. Even though there are Chinese parties as the component party in Barisan Nasional, they are still united by the fact that they are Chinese and the Chinese will put their race above all the rest. 1Malaysia can be put in the dumpster.

The Malays are divided because the Malays are dumb. That is the most straight forward answer that I can give you. Malays that support PAS and PKR rejects UMNO because they think that PAS and PKR are much better. The Malays in PAS thinks that PAS is their saviour and is the most Islamic party that they have. They had been misguided by the fact that PAS is a political party and just like any other political party.

The Malays in PAS are so useless, the Malays in PKR are counterproductive, the Malays in DAP are incompetent, and some Malays in UMNO are just the same. We cannot categorize all Kelantanese as being fanatics about PAS because many Kelantanese also supports BN. Kedahans and Perakians can be PAS fanatics as well. The fact is that the sectarian that supports PAS is everywhere all around Malaysia. Even Johorians can be PAS fanatics.

PAS for all is a slogan created by PAS to attract non Malays to be their member. This is not just any slogan but the true facts of what PAS really is. PAS is not an Islamic party. PAS is far from it. Nik Aziz freely went in and out of the church in Sibu to promote DAP to the Christians. Nik Aziz was willing to relinquish Allah to be used in Christianity so that they can get the votes of the non muslim and to prove how liberal they had become.

The leaders in PAS who claimed to be all knowing and more Islamic than anyone else here are nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. They are so twisted that they can know who is going to heaven or hell. Some fanatics in PAS would even accuse the prayers of UMNO supporters as not valid in the houses that had been bought by government loans. Their mouths are so malodorous just like the stinking garbage because they would be so petty minded as to assemblage us as being heretics just because we do not support PAS or become PAS members.

Oversea students who received JPA scholarships are oblivious to the assistance and the goodwill of our ruling government. That is the sole reason why they are blinded and supports PAS. Do they think that PAS has the capability to do the same if they are the ruling government? These PAS fanatics keeps on condemning the government. If you really despise BN, why did you accept the scholarship offer? Don't be hypocrites of the lowest kind. Give back the scholarship and try to ask it from your beloved PAS.

What is so damn good about PAS? Anyone from PAS can acquaint me with the sanguinary details or try to persuade me about the goodness of being a PAS member; that is beside going to heaven after you are dead just because you voted for PAS.

Cronism is rampage in any party; be it UMNO, PAS, PKR, DAP, MCA or Gerakan. So, why be prejudiced about UMNO when all parties in Malaysia, moreover all around the world are the same? Just like in real life, whatever we have, we share with our family and friends rather than with stranger whom we know are our mortal enemies. That is the facts of life. However painful that might be, it is happening all around us.

The Chinest racists are practising more cronism than the Malays. They will not give the chance to the Malays to transcend their success in Malaysia. They are so greedy. They have controlled the economy, now they want to control the political power as well.

The recent Hulu Selangor by election had proven that the Chinese votes accumulated by BN was only 28% compared to 37% in the previous general election. The sabotage by BN component parties MCA and Gerakan could be another reason why the Chinese in Sibu voted for DAP.

Barisan Nasional especially UMNO have to find creative ways to attract the young voters to support BN and UMNO. BN have to be more proactive, creative and open in order to gain the support of the youths. Stop giving in to the demands of the Chinese who has proven themselves to be self-centered bigots. WHY SHOULD WE KEEP GIVING HELP TO SOMEONE WHO IS UNGRATEFUL?

If UMNO concentrates more on helping the poor (of all races), but looking at the percentage which is manifold from the Malay race, they will be known as the true champion of the people. This is an honest assessment from someone who loves UMNO and do not have any interest in it.

Learn from our previous mistakes. Don't keep repeating it over and over again. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


  1. I really pity you man if you really believe what you wrote.

  2. And likewise since you are using the name anonymous. I can be as racist as I want. Besides this is my blog.

  3. You need to approve every comment? Come on man. What does say whatever in your mind means?

    Cakap tak serupa Bikin...sebijik cam BN.

  4. Whatever man. This is a free country. Anyone can do whatever the hell that they like. As long as you don't go around robbing and sodomising people without their consent.


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