Monday, January 16, 2012

Even male tigers love women and not men unlike some human

Tiger killed after stalking women

KUALA KANGSAR: It was the scariest moment for mother and daughter as they came face to face with two tigers early yesterday.

However, Rohani Osman, 50, and Mastura Kamaruddin, 16, who were tapping rubber trees at Kampung Chuar Hulu, Kati, near here, kept their cool and decided to try an age-old method to ward off the tigers.

Remembering the advice of elderly folks that tigers would only attack humans from behind, the two women slowly walked backwards with the tigers following them menacingly.

They continued to walk backwards to the top of a hill, fervently praying to be rescued.

“However, the two tigers kept coming at us, growling and waiting for an opportunity to attack.

“I braced myself and threw stones but it did not work.”

Rohani then remembered that she had a handphone with her and called a relative for help.

After walking backwards for two hours, the women managed to climb up a tree. However, the tigers would not give up and waited below the tree.

At this juncture, Rela and Civil Defence Department personnel managed to track down the women.

“One of the tigers became aggressive and turned its attention on the rescuers.

Rela personnel fired three shots, killing one of the tigers while the other escaped into the jungle.

The women were then helped down from the tree and taken out of the jungle.

The carcass of the 70kg female tiger was handed over to the state Wildlife Department.

From The New Straits Times, 16th January 2012

Even 2 tigers from the animal kingdom stalked women, unlike Anwar Al Juburi who likes men.



  1. Hahahaha...
    Nuar selalu buat senaman rimau. sebab tu dia lebih rimau dari rimau

  2. r0... ooo senaman rimau ya? bukan cakar rimau? hahaha

  3. Rela really stupid Malaysian so called orang yg di amanahkan kuasa( rela). kill an endangered species. most likely the getah plantation has breach into the tiger territory as all of us know. stupid malaysia rela...takanlah.. pucuk pistol ada tapi tranquilizer gun takde? bodoh punya manusia ku. semakin hari kian nampak orang jahil macam kita yg membunuh

  4. Well, if the communists gain control of this country in the 13 G.E., they will even kill you if you pisses them off. :-)


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