Saturday, November 5, 2011

Survey on PPSMI

1. Do you support PPSMI?
A. Yes
B. No

2. If yes, state your reasons.


3. If no, state your reasons.


4. What have you done to ensure that your kids are well-versed in English?


P/S : Everyone reading this should answer so that we can get the real numbers of who is for and against this policy.


  1. 1 - I do support PPSMI. 200% support.
    2 - For knowledge. For my kids.
    3 - nil
    4 - Teach them normal english. But Science n Math in English is another story. They need it so much in future. Which, I dont really like them to work in Gov (which possibly will talk in BM)

  2. Bro/Sis Anon 01:51:00 AM. Well, I am sure you know best how the mentality of Govt. servants are.

  3. Assalam,

    1. Support 200%
    2. for my children future
    3. We normally speaks in english (dan kami juga selalu bercakap bahasa ibunda) in short we converse well in both language. tak hilangkan pun rasa kemelayuan dalam diri kami dan anak2. tapi PPSMI ni lain sikit ceritanya...PPSMI tersangatlah pentingnya untuk pembelajaran math dan science...takkanlah hilang bahasa dan sifat kemelayuan hanya kerana math dan science diajar dalam bahasa inggeris beb... im working with government and to tell u the truth not all government agency and the staff are low mentality...janganlah kerana nila yang beberapa titik...abis rosak susuk yang berbelanga...

  4. Cik Mami. Nila yang beberapa titik tu la walaupun sedikit akan jahanamkan semua susu yang lebih banyak tu. Jadi semua nila yang sokong pembangkang patut pegi la kerja dengan pembangkang. Buat apa kerja dengan kerajaan dan sabotaj usaha kerajaan?

  5. cari suami mat salleh boleh tak di kira usaha memperkasakan bahasa inggeris? hehehehehehehhehehh

  6. 1) Yes
    2) English is the most widely used language in the world. If we want to even begin to have a chance to compete with other countries, we need to be at least speaking the same language proficiently.

    In terms of professionals, medical, engineering, architecture books are all written in English. How to come out after STPM and read university-level books after doing everything in BM?

    4) Speak English, watch English TV, read English books. To say that this Westernizes us is bullshit. You can still appreciate Western culture in their language, without 'losing your moral compass'.

    I can understand the government's problem. All the poor Malay kids in the rural areas cannot understand a word of English, and their parents are worse off. They have no one to teach them.

    But if the problem is not arrested, it will only get worse. The change has to start now, as hard as it may be for some people. Use the rakyat's money wisely (for once) and hire the right people.

  7. Anon 5:16:00 PM. Tak tu untuk tambahkan bilangan umat Islam dalam dunia.

    Samad. I agree with you on that one.


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