Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clear and present danger

Malays felt safe during the administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad because no subversive quarters dared to create trouble in Malaysia then. Hmmmm. I missed the good old days...

Now there's Namewee, Bershit and all kinds of shit. The latest being idolising communists who had killed policemen in Bukit Kepong! Stupidos who should be punched. Anyone who sees Mat Sabu, give him one black eye like what Rahim had given Al Juburi.

Communists if ever they ruled Malaysia, no religion will be allowed to be practiced as what had been exposed by Jejak Rasul about the Muslims in Russia. Hence, vote for PAS is a vote for COMMUNIST!

Therefore, TDM had ruled the government well during his two decades of becoming the Prime Minister because now there is only a warning minister who is looked down by everyone!!!

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the 4th prime minister for 22 years. As much as I respect him, however, he is only human and had made mistake after mistake in choosing his successor.

The truth is that he is brilliant and he is afraid to put someone else who is as clever as him or perhaps cleverer than him to be his deputy prime minister.

A Kelantanese should have been his most appropriate deputy prime minister and I am sure that Malaysia and Kelantan would have been prosperous if he had been the deputy prime minister which would have made him a Prime Minister by now.

And Anwar Ibrahim who had been his ex deputy minister, who are actually the puppet of the foreign agent had proven how wrong he is in choosing his deputy.

Though I still want to thank you TDM for making Malaysia known to the world and for voicing out sternly about the fate of the Palestinians and other Muslims around the world which are in the middle of war because of their own stupidity.

Even though Pak Lah had been weak to the extend of the Chinese and Indians are now out of control, he had been generous towards the government servants and government pensioners.

I admired Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for making Malaysia a prosperous country and developed during his tenure. But he is only human and he made mistakes.

However, in his race towards making Malaysia well-known to the world, he had forgotten the most important thing which is human capital. He did not groom any future leaders to be as good as him or even better than him.

Leaders come and go and they have to groom a successor so that the country will be in good hands. If a successor is none, then the party is gone.

Just look at UMNO now. UMNO is seriously lacking in having future leaders who are as outspoken as him. All the rest are weak and seems to care more about the other races than their own race.

I mean, Muhyiddin Yassin cannot be the future Prime Minister because people knew about his sand scandal in Johore. People on the street say he is worst than Najib. Moreover, the latest biometric scandal is said to have been the idea of his son-in-law.

Hishammudin Hussein is weak too. He is known as the warning minister and don't have any balls to take stern action against subversive elements in Malaysia. Most of the time, he looks more feminine than any women minister or senator.

H2O is a sissy and should have been administering the Women's Ministry together with Datuk Seri Shahrizat. At least Shahrizat has more balls than him.

For instance, Namewee is free until now even though he had ridiculed our national anthem through his antics by singing "Negarakuku".

Because he is scout free, other quarters are also being disrespectful towards the Malays, Islam, the Sultanate etc, etc.

UMNO is now full of corrupt people out to get the most for themselves and forgetting the rest of UMNO members who should have been helped as well. UMNO should lose in the GE13 because most of those motherfuckers in UMNO are just that. Motherfuckers! Even I admit that.

This is not airing dirty laundry in public because even UMNO members are aware and sick of the situation in UMNO now. So UMNO members, let's make sure that UMNO losses in the next GE because we have to rid those motherfuckers from UMNO.

Truthfully, many wants UMNO to lose in the next general election so that the situation in UMNO can be rectified. And I agree with them because now the leaders in UMNO seems too arrogant and think that they are right and the grassroot are wrong.

UMNO Pahang will also lose because of the Lynas case in which the leaders disregard the safety of the people of Kuantan.

Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel now only lies in the hands of the Kelantanese leader who had been ousted before? Only time will tell. Now we wait for the 13th General Election where we'll see if the RAHMAN theory is right.

Do you know why many people has not still registered themselves as voters? It's because they say their votes won't change anything. Their lives are still like this and the richer gets richer and the poorer gets poorer. So fuck the election!

I am grateful that UMNO has helped me and I am not an ungrateful person who supports PAS. But there are worst motherfuckers in UMNO now which has to be chucked out. When UMNO falls flat on the face, let's celebrate for it's time to kick away those motherfuckers!

P/S: Read history books and also The Spear and The Kerambit. Then you'll realise that PAS had been the communists cohorts since forever! PAS leaders are imbeciles and PAS supporters are a hundred billion times more stupid!


  1. Salam and Selamat Hariraya. bro. good article to be read by all UMNO leader especially Khairy Jamaluddin. Patriot is a worst,vacation to kampung-kampung by a hundred thousand ringgit of 4 wheel, show off only.

  2. Salam bro Melayu Pasir Gudang. Dalam UMNO memang ramai pukimak anak haram, bukan K.J. saja. ;-) I'm sure you know what I mean.

  3. UMNO wajib ambil berat dan JUGA tidak blh ambil ringan ombak ombak yang bergelora.
    Takut mulut nya masin saorang blogger yang menajuk rencananya UMNO bersunggoh nak jadi pati pembangkang.
    3 juta ahli UMNO pekak buta tuli.
    Blogger pro BN letih penat tolong defen bermacam konar baring flip flop fumble dll.

    Kenapa dan mengapa semua 3 juta tak pasang cermin mata, tak nampak the emperors new clothes? Jawapan adalah saperti dalam tulisan tuan punya blog.

    Kalu benar kepopularaan Najib jatuh,ia bukanlah kerna DSAI,Ambiga,bersih,paul malot,atau Dap atau doa Wali atau KPI KRA Pemandu,khazanah,1billion menara PNB MAS atau anak felda atau liberalisasi bank firma professional atau transformaci atau bagi lebih scholarship kat cina, atau legacy atau konspirasi dalaman parti,akan tetapi kerana
    f l o m.
    Najib buat ap pun,contoh nak jaga hati cina sampai bending backwards patah tulang belakang.
    Mereka ta akan bagi undi kat UMNO lagi.
    Kalu betul: maka tiada apa blh damage control,blogger pro bn malas nak defend,dan PRU 13 ,PR tak payah kerja kuat sbb MUFC tendang bola masuk goal sendiri.
    Mungkin 2008 berulang dengan kekurangan lagi majoriti sebab pas nak taruk muka baru 60 orang AP,tungul kelapa pun, akan menang pas.
    Siputih pompuan cina tu, dah kata kalu BN belang di Selangor kerna pakai tak bersih?.
    Kita dah kering gene pool. Kalu pesawat terbang jatuh,dan pemimpin kita dalam pesawat itu, siapa akan ambil alih teraju UMNO.
    Memang betul ramai betul yang meradang kat UMNO, maka PR punya kempen manager PRU13 tak payah kerja kuat, sebab lawan mereka tembak kaki sendiri self inflicted tendang bola masuk gol sendiri dan di sorak olih ahli UMNO.
    Selamat kan diri aje.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  4. Salam Bro, Selamat Hari Raya,
    Betul....dalam UMNO memang ramai yang pukimak, tegur pun tak guna.


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