Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Types of bosses I so love to work for ;-)

1. Those who will never motivate you but would rather degrade you even though you are the one doing your fucking job at 3 a.m. Those who don't do the work don't get any scolding because they kisses the boss's asses. Now I don't care. I will never downgrade myself to kissing anyone's a$$es because I have some honour and principles.

2. Those who will scold you for not updating the website because of the technical problem faced by the site in which makes it unaccessible. But then, the technical man who thinks he is God's gift to women/men had been sleeping on the job and just laughed it off when he finally replied to you, so what the hell! You got scolded for the a$$holes mistakes! Now I don't care.

3. Those who accuse you of being the sole person responsible for bringing the Alexa ranking down. Hey do you think I am a stupid a$$hole like you and do not know how to check the Alexa ranking? So if it's really down now, I don't care.

4. Those who promises you something else after your confirmation. But when you asked them, they kept mum, which means that they are lying a$$holes who will not keep to their promises and have no honour. So now, GO TO HELL because I don't care.

5. Every weekend, it was agreed that there will be a rotation for the workers to look after the so called fucking website. Even in the first month, I was the only one doing the job every weekend and got scolded for it. Now, I don't care!!!

6. The one who don't pay the FUCKING BROADBAND because the bloggers should go and do their job in the comfort of the shitty cyber cafe and let the whole world see what the bloody HELL YOU ARE DOING so that the opposition who had been looking for the person who wrote there can come after you and kill you. Now, the same person who had said that the opposition is looking for the writer and will kill him had told me to go to do the article in a cyber cafe for all the world to see. Just tell me to kill myself in front of the commuter if you want them to come after me. But not before I divulge who is the stupid a$$hole who asked me to do it so that they can go after you too. Why the contradictory statements? I do have a brain and can think you know. Now I don't care.

7. Bosses who tell you that they don't understand what the hell that you wrote because they are actually a$$ kissers themselves! This is the one I love the most because I so love working for imbeciles who admits directly that they are stupid. Go back to school and learn some English for God's sake. I don't know how you can go to overseas to follow the big boss if you can't even speak English or understand English.

Okay, if you are that type of bosses who treats their staffs like shit and will favour a$$ kissers who does not do their job, HIRE ME BECAUSE I WILL DEFINITELY TREAT YOU SHITTER for being a MOTHERFUCKER!!! I can be a much worst MOTHERFUCKER than you can ever imagined me to be because you are so wrong when you imagined me to be an innocent little lamb who will take whatever SHIT that you give me.

I would like to thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart for teaching me what A$$holes you guys really are so that I can be a much better A$$holes by learning from you, the master A$$holes! NOW, I DON'T CARE!

I do feel much better after I got if off my chest. Anyone who wants to disgrace their bosses for thinking they are GODS, feel free to do so in the comment area. I am sure you have something to say. If you are afraid someone will know you, just use Anon. Heck I don't kiss and tell!

One more thing. Don't tell me what I can do or cannot do. Because I never tell anyone what they can do or cannot do. You can do whatever the hell you want to. If I don't have talent, why are you guys criticizing me? :-)

You have your own style of writing and so do I. I don't tell you how to do your job so shut the fuck UP! Go to the word UP (being bold in red) before this sentence and listen to a song especially for you! Detractors be damned!

Malays should actually encourage each other to be better rather than backstabbing each other. Comprenez? So get off my back you small people!

In conclusion, read the quote below.

“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.”~ Mark Twain

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