Saturday, August 13, 2011

Motherfuckers gay!

Gay Malaysian pastor to tie the knot with his partner

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian self-confessed gay pastor is to marry his African-American partner soon.

Press reports stated that Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng (pic) was likely to wed the Broadway musical producer by the end of the month or early September with ceremonies planned in New York and Malaysia.

Ou Yang told AFP in an interview in Hong Kong that his partner had popped the question on June 26, two days after New York City legalised same-sex marriages.

“He went to a church and wrote a song for me. He proposed at the end of the song in public,” the 41-year-old pastor said.

Ou Yang, who now serves at the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in New York, urged gay men and women to speak out to “break the vicious cycle” and help fight misconceptions about the gay community.

According to the MCC homepage, the church is part of an international movement of Christian churches reaching out to all, including homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.

“When society discriminates against gay people, you only push gay people into the closet,” Ou Yang said.

Ou Yang’s “coming out” took place in 2006 when he published the story of his decision to make public his sexual orientation, after a nine-year marriage to his now ex-wife, whom he described as an “angel“.

“She asked for a divorce, and this is the biggest gift she could ever give me, she set me free. I owe her big time,” said the pastor who grew up in a conservative Christian family.

Several netizens praised Ou Yang, who has tattoos on his shoulder and arm, as the “most trendy pastor”. They said they had not spotted other pastors wearing ear-rings.

Some said he looked like Hong Kong actor David Wu and Chinese actor Chang Chen.

Ou Yang, a former columnist with Sin Chew Daily, said Kuala Lumpur was “growing and developing” with Sunday services and bible studies.

Ou Yang’s best friend, known only as Joe, was quoted by Guang Ming Daily as saying that he was happy for the couple.

Taken from The Star

I am wondering why The Star is focusing on gays marrying other gays.

Are you indirectly promoting men marrying men? Gays are motherfuckers especially those like Anwar Al Juburi who are not only a gay but also a traitor of this country. Fuck you to hell!

Fuck you! If God wants men to marry other men, then why did He create women so that they can bear children?

Those who are gays are stupid. Don't promote to anyone else to be as stupid as you!!!

Did you know that Sodom had been turned inside out by Allah for his wrath because men fucked other men there???

But surely you don't care and will find any petty excuse to defend your gross act...

Yes... It's gross when you people fucked other men or women in the butt where the shit comes out. Ewwwww!

What if your partner has diarrhoea and you fucked him and his shit stuck to your dick??? That is so gross!

You guys should be thrown with faeces for indulging in such a gross act.

No wonder there are AIDS because you indulge in abnormal sex. You gays will go to hell for fucking other guys, assholes!


  1. Yessss go to hell to all motherfucker gay .PIG WITHOUT TAIL ........


  3. Bro blogenstarz. They will definitely go to hell. Allah said so.

    Bro Jeffry. I don't care about his cheeky smile. His mere presence makes me sick!

  4. my G friend sembahyang tak tinggal heheheh
    dia pakai cawat besi :D

    i selalu kata orang yang berhaluan kiri ni kalau nafsu dapat disengkak PAHALA nya lebih besar dari yang straight ni.....

    insyallah ....

  5. Ms Pearl. I pun ada jugak G friend yang sembahyang tak tinggal. Tapi sembahyang dia tu tak dapat jugak cegah dia dari buat perkara mungkar iaitu G tu. Faham tak?

    Lagi satu, kalau dah membontot tu, mandi wajib dia tu jalan ke tak? Tu kena tanya ahli agama. Tok guru tahfiz pun meliwat anak murid.

  6. hmm haram is tetap haram la. isu mandi wajib takkan dapat membersihkan hubungan songsangkan?
    told my friend sengkak la nafsu tu. insyallah...
    sembahyangkan tiang agama told him that far i rasa dia tak buat menda menda 'belakang'ni. yes till antara dia dan allah la ..i doakan yang baik baik saja :D

    p/s: euwwwwwww kalau dah ahli agama pun liwat juga siapa yang patut kita pecaya sekarang ni?

  7. Ms Pearl. Sebab tu tak boleh percaya jugak pada orang yang kononnya beragama ni. Kekadang mereka ni lebih setan dari orang biasa. Cuma pemakaian terlebih Islam sebab nak tipu orang.


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