Thursday, July 28, 2011

Biometric system is bad, only communism is good

Nik Aziz: Biometric system cannot resolve phantom voters issue

KUALA LUMPUR (July 26, 2011): PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has responded negatively to the proposed introduction of the biometric voter verification system by the Election Commission (EC), contrary to the positive response from the party's spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Abdul Hadi said he did not think that the system would be a solution to resolving the issue of alleged phantom voters.

Nik Aziz had reportedly welcomed the proposed system and said the party was prepared for an explanation from the EC on the matter.

Abdul Hadi, in a statement posted on the party's official portal, claimed that the system was open to manipulation by those operating it because only a small number of people had the expertise to handle it.

"PAS insists that the EC use indelible ink to mark a voter's finger just before voting to get rid of phantom voters and those who vote more than once in an election," he said.

He also said that the EC collaborate with the National Registration Department in the automatic registration of voters.

"It is strange that the EC says it can collaborate with the National Registration Department in handling the biometric system but cannot do so in the automatic registration of voters," he said.

EC Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said yesterday the EC would implement the biometric system to overcome the issue of alleged phantom voters often raised by the opposition political parties just before every election.

Last Saturday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the government was agreeable to providing an allocation to the EC to establish a biometric system to verify genuine voters in an election. – Bernama

I think that the title of the Bernama news is not quite right. Nik Aziz welcomed the proposed system but only Hadi Awang rejected it.

PAS President lacks the grey matter. If he has any grey matter, surely the states under PAS administration will not be worst under PAS.

Surely, the use of the biometric system is more up to date than putting indelible ink to mark a voter's finger which is used in 3rd world countries.

We are moving towards making this country a developed one and Hadi Awang wants this country to remain in its developing status and not move forward.

We can't rely on a leader which had not make any improvements in Terengganu after PAS took over several years ago.

The sentence of "Kita akan tubuhkan negara Islam selepas ayam berkokok" just remain words which had not been realised even after PAS administered Terengganu.

Action speaks louder than words...

So, someone who cannot keep their promises to the people, should not be trusted at all and should be rejected because they will say anything but will do nothing.

If only some experts have the expertise to run the system, the system will be safer from being conned by the opposition leaders who kept crying wolf about phantom voters but will keep quiet about it when they won.

Do not trust the opposition leaders who are actually trying to revive communism in this country. They should all be hauled to the court for that.


  1. We can only use biometric system only when there are PAS people know how to manipulate and hack the system.

    Bro, please link, hope there's some English speaking who understand Malay visit my site.

  2. I dont trust these opposition leaders at all. They all like circus clown and moron. They will just reject whatever the gov propose and make fun of it. Trying to show that they're always smarter but do not realize that they just show how dumb they are .. We dont need these type of morons .. !

  3. Perangai puak-puak pembangkang ni memang dah berlebih-lebih & meloyakan tekak. Suka tunjuk pandai tapi sebenarnya haprak. Cakap la apa pun, kalau dtg dari BN atau UMNO depa mesti nak bangkang & tunjuk lagak yg depa lagi pandai. Tapi rakyat dah sedar yg depa sebenarnya kaki kelentong ..! Org macam ni x layak nak jadi pemimpin sebab pemikiran depa jumud & cetek ..!!

  4. those oppositions are truly super-moron!

  5. Bro TENGGARA is SOUTHEAST. You are absolutely right. They will only support the system when they knew how to manipulate and hack it. I had already link your site to mine. Thanks.

    Bro Mat Despatch. Sure they are dumb. But those who voted for them are dumber.

    Bro Orang Kuala. Kalau pandai sangat, sepatutnya pemimpin pembangkang ni cadangkan atau laksanakan apa-apa polisi yang lebih baik dari yang mereka kutuk tu.

    Bro/Sis Anonymous 11:22 AM. Yes they are.


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