Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bersih rally vs sodomy trial

Anwar's third attempt to recuse sodomy trial judge fails

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Wednesday failed in his third attempt to recuse his sodomy trial judge.

Court of Appeal judge Justice Hasan Lah, who chaired a three-man panel, held that it was not appealable.

The court allowed a preliminary objection by the deputy public prosecutor and dismissed the appeal.

Deputy public prosecutor Datuk Nordin Hassan raised a preliminary objection that the court should dismiss the recusal application by Anwar on issue of jurisdiction.

Nordin said the High Court's ruling to refuse Anwar's recusal application was not appealable as it was not the final outcome of the trial which disposed off his rights.

The Court of Appeal also dismissed an application by Anwar to stay his sodomy case.

Taken from The Star

So, the main cause of this Bersih rally is to divert the attention of the public from Anwar's ongoing sodomy trial.

Therefore, we should always be reminded that Anwar will do anything, even though to the extend of sacrificing the national security of this country by creating chaos in the country via the Bersih illegal rally.

If he could go to the extreme of hurting himself until he got a black eye and accuses someone else of doing it, I bet he would even kill his own wife to get sympathy from his hard-core supporters.

Remember that he had done a similar thing in 1997 when he had been accused of sodomy 1?

He had even gone to the extend of hiring Indons to do his dirty jobs by burning garbage bins.

I so salute Anwar for being so clever because the view of the hooligans burning the garbage bins by the international press is so outstanding.

What is even more amazing is that he is such a coward that he would run off to the Turkish embassy when he allegedly claim he received death threats after Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan lodges a police report about being sodomised by him...

Do you want a leader who will run off to anywhere he felt safe and leave the public in chaos just so that he can save his own ass?


  1. Ganazz... divertions adalah satu taktik utk selamatkan batang tengkuknya. Malangnya ada juga manusia hardcore yg buta2 mahu memperjuangkan agendanya walupun hakikatnya dia tak tahu menahu tentang apa yang dirancang nuar. Org tu adalah ketua AMKnya yg bangang mcm keldai. Mungkin terlebih makan char siew pau...

  2. Bro Apai Ngelai. Biasalah orang yang bangang macam keldai tentu akan berada dalam Keldaian. hehehe


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