Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bersih cancelling it's illegal rally?

There are good news that Bersih is cancelling it's illegal rally this Saturday.

That is good because it proves that they are chickens and would not go head to head with Perkasa and Patriot.

Chickens are always like that. Like the Malay saying of "Bertelur sebiji riuh sekampung".

They are loud and talk about doing this and that but when it comes to the time to really do it, they back off.

Action speaks louder than words you know. And most of the motherf***ers talk big but will not do whatever that they say they will do.

Just like NATO you know, they will only bomb and target at the innocent civillians. So BerSHIT and PASHIT are both just like the NATO.

Why don't the NATO give the civillians the same amount of weapons and bombs so that the fight will be fair and then we can see who will win the battle.

It's easy to kill civillians who don't have any weapons whatsoever to defend themselves against the attacks.

Just like those in PAS who only knew how to create disturbance for the silent majority who does not want to see this country be in chaos.

If it were up to me, those motherf***ers should be hanged to death for being traitors of their own country.

This 9th July, we will see what will happen and I personally can't wait to see it in person.


  1. if they were to proceed, all these so-called leaders who talk c**k only, should be leading in the front. don't let their followers do the dirty job for them. cakap berdegar-degar tapi lari masa berarak. it happened in 2007.

    takut apa, kena spray water saja.

  2. pakngah santan. tu namanya pemimpin cerdik takut disembur air. cuma pengikut PAS bodoh yang suka disembur air. kah kah kah


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