Sunday, July 3, 2011

BerSHIT and PASHIT are indifferent about Malaysia

Illegal rally may lead to RM1.2b losses

KUALA LUMPUR: The Tourism Ministry yesterday urged organisers of the Bersih 2.0 rally to call it off as the industry could lose about RM1.2 billion.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said the July 9 rally would not only have a negative impact on the tourism industry but the country's economy.

"The rally will cause a security threat and we would lose about 20 per cent in tourism revenue," she said after chairing a meeting with major tourism industry players at the Malaysian Tourism Centre yesterday.

Dr Ng said in July last year the country had received a total of 2.2 million tourists who spent nearly RM6 billion.

She said she had also received information about a group of travel agents from China who were now hesitant about coming to Malaysia after reading about the rally.

"We do not know how bad it would get. Someone could accidentally kick another person and this could end up hurting a lot of people," she said.

Dr Ng said such a situation would affect the income of taxi drivers, small business owners, restaurants and paint a bad image of the country.

Tourism associations represented at yesterday's meeting included the Malaysian Spas Association, Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association, Malaysian Association of Hotel Owners and Malaysian Association of Hotels. All agreed that the planned rally should not take place.

Association of Malaysian Spas vice-president Ramona Suleiman said many tourists from Saudi Arabia feared for their safety.

"They are here on holiday to relax and reports about the rally scare them. My business will surely suffer that week," she said.

Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association president Paul Paw said he would be meeting directors from the China National Travel Organisation to clarify safety issues.

"The (Chinese) government body called for the meeting as they are afraid of the worst that could happen when a group of delegates arrive next month," he said.

Paw said the group of 100 travel agents from China are to arrive here on July 10 for a conference to take place on July 12.

"If they decide not to come, we may lose about RM1 million on top of a bad reputation that will follow," he said.

Malaysian Association of Hotels vice-president Christina Toh said the Kuala Lumpur chapter had lodged a police report against the movement and will be writing to other chapters to do the same.

Taken from The New Straits Times

Do you seriously think that the motherfu**ers in BerSHIT or PASHIT would give a damn about the country losing RM1.2 billion?

I don't think so. That is why they are defiant and will continue to go for the illegal Bersih rally come this 9th July 2011.

They are a bit slow that is why they can be used as a pawn by the hidden hands who would love to see this country be blown to bits and pieces.

If they want to do that, so can we. And we can be worst than those motherfu**ers if it's war that they want, than a war is what they are going to get. We will see who will win this war!

The question is that will the faint-hearted in PAS go through with it and will encounter the Perkasa members and the Pemuda UMNO aka Patriot?

I am sure they will put the women and children in front as a body shield because they are timid and will not die for anything or anyone.

The cowards in PAS are actually like NATO (no action talk only). If they are really brave, why don't they join the International Freedom Flotilla to Gaza and die as a martyr (or in Malay "Syahid") there instead of creating internal conflict in the country?

Surely that is much more honourable than becoming traitors of their own religion, race and nation???

Proves that those motherfu**ers are only brave when it comes to fighting their own kind, the Malay Muslims, but are pusillanimous when it comes to fighting the infidels when in actuality they are the sidekicks of the communists.

Academicians and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) believe that since 2,000 reports had been made about the illegal rally, the police should arrest the culprits under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

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