Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PAS is no action talk only

PAS had proven itself not to be a state government which practises "negara berkebajikan" or benevolence state. PAS is really a NATO.

That is all just bull shit or empty talks to glorify themselves and lie to their followers who have no brains whatsoever.

This is due to the problems faced by the 300 traders of the old Kota Bharu Municipal Council Arked who are unhappy with the lackadaisical attitude to solve the grudges voiced out by them.

I am sure that the PAS leaders will only look after their cronies and give out the space in Tok Guru Bazaar to their loyal stupid followers.

On Sunday, the Municipal Council had shown their evil behaviour by cutting out the electricity supply despite the Menteri Besar's Office had given out instruction to reconnect the electricity supply.

Surely, indirectly the Municipal Council is carrying out the orders from the Menteri Besar's Office and this new order is just an act to show that they care so much about the traders when in reality they don't care or give a damn if the 300 traders goes bancrupt or whatever.

That's what happens when those traders don't go kiss the asses of the Menteri Besar and bribe the officers to let them continue their business.

I bet that the 58 traders who were given the lots in Tok Guru Bazaar without the presence of Arked Traders Association members are PAS members or cronies.

Therefore, MACC should come in and investigate the grievances of the 300 traders of the old Kota Bharu Municipal Council Arked.

Read more about it here.

Long live PAS's benevolence state which will only benefit their cronies. Kelantanese should remain stupid and vote PAS to be in power again for the 13th General Election.

I don't care because I don't live in Kelantan. So does those motherfuckers who voted PAS in but works and lives in the states governed by UMNO. Thank so for allowing PAS to act like communists in Kelantan.


  1. pas? such a waste of my time and effort discussing about them. to me, pas is nothing but a bunch of munaafiqun!

  2. Anak Nelayan PontianTue Jun 14, 07:44:00 PM 2011

    Mana-mana pemerintahpun ada kroni masing-masing yang perlu diberi bantuan. PAS atau UMNO sama sahaja. Masing-masing ada kroni. Saudarapun tentu ada kroni juga. Jika ada peluang, siapa yang saudara dahulukan?

  3. changing slogan again and again...... but "jahil" followers remains and remains..., susah jugak nak bagi orang sedar yek!!

  4. Bro/Sis Anon. It's not a waste of time as they are doing the same thing to UMNO. So we have to fight and rebut them.

    Anak Nelayan Pontian. Oh saya tidak pilih bulu. Kalau sokong UMNO, saya akan bagi peluang untuk buktikan kemampuan anda. Apa guna kita berpuak-puak? Merugikan orang Melayu sahaja.

    Bro/Sis Anon. Kalau dah bodoh melantun-lantun, memang susah nak sedar.


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