Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mosque election another tactic to divide the Muslims

The communist (PKM now known as DAP) led state in Penang plans to go ahead with its decision to carry out the mosque officials election.

Even before this, mosques all over the country are being controlled by the communists scabby dogs, PAS who had cursed the federal government led by UMNO.

This is surely another tactic by the ultra kiasu communists to divide the Muslims when they will battle each other to get the post in the mosques, which will result in the disunity of the Malay Muslims to be wider and more apparent.

Ruslan Kasim, Perkasa Information chief said that the proposed methods (elections) had been implemented in Kelantan in 1960s and 1970s but were stopped due to the friction and division of the Muslims community there.

Surely DAP's plan to implement the elections in Penang is for the sole purpose of dividing the Malays further apart from each other which will proof to be beneficial for them because divided we will fall.

Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman, Penang Umno Liaison Committee chairman said that an appela letter had been sent by the state Umno to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong through Minister in the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom to oppose that.

"I hope the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as the head of Islam will prevent the mosque polls from taking place as it could divide the Muslims," said Zainal.

The communist are really trying the patience of the Malays. I am sure that they are hoping for another repeat of 13th May 1969.

This time, if another racial clash does occur, the authorities and the Malays have to ensure that no living racist kiasu will ever live in Malaysia or previously known as Tanah Melayu again.

They had not seen the true wrath of the Malay amuk. Beware because it will be as worst as Hang Jebat had ran amuk before. Just keep on provocating us!


  1. ok..let me say whatever is in my mind, since that is what you are calling for. This is a free country after all...

    This is what my mind says. For your information, I'm a Malay and until now and will forever be a supporter of Malay/Muslim unity and also Malaysian unity. There's only one political grouping in Malaysia that deserves my support in that quest and it is not the pakatan Rakyat - it is still UMNO and BN.

    However, to be frank, I'm very annoyed with your simplistic and naive suggestion or conclusion that the DAP and PAS are communist supporters or that they propogate communism. Communism is such an outdated system.

    Even the communists in China are now drifting away from communism. So, why shout 'communist'?..

    You think the young people these days will rally behind you and support you for saying such things? The more you make such silly statements, the more they will run away. And they have nowhere to run away, except join the more idiotic groupings like the PR, who have been 'programmed' to oppose anything that has the word 'UMNO' in it. But I remain positive and confident that this country is only in safe hands when it is under BN. The stability of this country has been due to UMNO and BN, no matter what the 'prophets of doom' in PR say.

    So, pls stop thinking 1950s and start thinking 2011!!

    I still support UMNO and BN, despite the fact that they have the misfortune of having some very archaic supporters who belong in a museum.

    You are doing a good job. We need people like you, but pls..stop being so old fashioned. Communism is not the threat. The threat is Anwar Ibrahim & gang, Lim Kit Siang& gang and Mat Sabu & gang. These people are destroying the country and bringing bad vibes to the good people of this country.

  2. just wondering, whos gonna stop it? hang too ah from dap ? hahahaha...what a joke

  3. Bro/Sis Anon 9:34 AM. Sure you are entitled to your opinion. This is a free country after all.

    But here is what I have to say about what you had just said.

    Communism is a sociapolitical movement that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption and the end of wage labour and private property in the means production and real estate.

    Compare it to the objectives of DAP. The vision of the party is to establish a peaceful and prosperous social democracy that can unite its disparate races and diverse religions and cultures based on :

    1. a Malaysian Malaysia concept by forging Malaysian race with universal moral values,

    2. offering equal access and opportunity;

    3. democratic governance and rule of law;

    4. creating wealth and distributing wealth equitably; and

    5. fighting against corruption

    Therefore, my thinking is not 1950s thinking but its current thinking because DAP is still communist which replaces Parti Komunis Malaya.

    Sure, you might think I am a simpleton, but I am vocal and will say whatever that is on my mind, unlike some people who will suck up to their bosses.

    Bro/Sis Anon 7:20 PM. Nobody is going to stop the communists. But we can at least say that we oppose to what they are doing which will divide the Muslims further apart.


Say whatever that is on your mind. Heck! This is a free country after all. If the racists Chinese can swear at the Malays as much as they want, we can do that as well.

However, I will not be held responsible to whatever that you have to say. The comment is solely the private opinion of the author.