Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enjoy a stress free life in jail

MoHE not responsible for students involved in illegal rallies abroad

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE)will not be responsible nor guarantee Malaysian students should they be detained for holding illegal rallies abroad.

Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin was however confident that it would not happen as it was not easy for students in foreign countries to get such permission.

"They can't simply hold rallies as students are subjected to laws in the respective countries," he said when asked about posting in some blogs and portals that Malaysian students abroad will hold simultaneous rallies on July 9.

Khaled said it was improper for students to hold or join illegal rallies as it would not yield results.

Moreover, the students would be used for the benefit of certain parties.

"Students involved in illegal rallies will have to face the law. For example, they will be arrested if they were to assemble in Singapore or Egypt."

Asked whether students involved in rallies would be recalled or have their sponsorship withdrawn, Khaled it was up to the sponsors to take action.

"We will not intervene because sponsorship does not come under the ministry," he added. -- BERNAMA

The Malaysian students locally or overseas should carry-the can if they are being arrested for being involved in illegal rallies in Malaysia or abroad.

Anyone should be brave to face the consequences of their action. Since you are so brave to join the illegal demonstration, please do not whine when you are arrested for breaking the law.

Besides, if you are unintelligent and feel that your studies are making your head explode, this is a good time to rest in jail. Therefore, I am encouraging you guys to join the illegal rally. Just go ahead!

The government should also withdraw the scholarships and education loans of those students apprehended in the illegal rally. A lesson must be given to those witty students.

We are a civilised country and surely in any civilised countries, there are laws and regulation that must be followed by every citizen in that country. Even the civilised USA have the Patriot Act.

So, do not criticise us when you have a more barbarous law. You are only doing it to safeguard America from terrorists and Malaysia is doing it to safeguard the majority of the people from chaos.

At least, we do not torture those caught in Guantanamo Bay. And those released from I.S.A. turns out to be plumper than before they were out of jail. So, those who thinks that they want to rest in jail and get 3 free meals a day, just join the Bersih rally. I am sure you will experience a more stress free life in jail.

Just look at Anwar Ibrahim. He is well rested enough that he can screw a "China Doll" with so much gusto.

The human rights of the majority is at stake and more important than that of the minority who wants to seize the power from the rightful government via using a violent way by creating chaos in the country.

I too am looking forward to be caught and resting in jail for some jolly good time when I join Perkasa in the rally which had been told not being given the police permit.

But before I am being dragged to jail, I do have to bash open some head until the brains spill out. I am so looking forward to it and will hit people gleefully.


  1. Pukimak lu Wake Up.

  2. Anon. Pukimak lu as well. Kalau berani jom la jumpa. Nanti aku belasah ko mampus keluar otak la.


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