Friday, June 24, 2011

Domestic worker from Indon gives more problem to their employers

Indonesian maids surely helps working couples who have to leave their children at home when they go to work. However, most cases that we read in the newspapers potray the negative impact of the maids to their employers. It is much better for working couples to leave their kids at the nursery. Better if the employers could provide a nursery at the respective offices.

Indonesia had certainly been way out of line when they asked for the maid to be paid RM600 a month which is not worth it because they are uneducated unlike the Filipino maids, most of the times the maids lies about their true age which they make it to be older than they are, and they are so lazy that if their employer is not at home, they will not do any job but just sleep 24/7.

Some of the maid that arrive were said to have undergone some kind of training at the maid agencies but most are dumb and will destroy whatever electrical appliances of the employer.

For the maids that stay-at-home when both their employers are at work, they will take the opportunity to bring in their Bangla boyfriend home where they will have sex and have babies out of wedlock.

That's the case for the maid of the best friend of my mum. Not only that, the maid will be so cheeky that they will be lustful even towards the husband of the couple that hires her.

Not only that, many of them also run away from work after robbing their employers in a conspiracy with their respective maid agencies. We also don't know what kind of black magic they will bring with them because we know that in Indon, the Muslims there are quite weird as Christians can marry Muslims there.

We can't even trust the Muslim Indon maids. And don't ever let them cook your food because we never know what kind of dirty things they will put in there to make you stupid and for you to follow their every bidding.

Sure that not everyone is bad but the thing is that we don't know who is bad. It's better to be safe than sorry. In my lifetime, I had never met a good Indon maid. All are good pretenders who pretends to do work in front of their employers.

So, to those who have Indon maids, just install CCTVs all over your house. The things I mentioned above might seem too good to be true, but it's the reality of what had already happened to those who had already employed those Indon maids.

Malaysian employers need to pay agents up to RM8,000 for each maid and recover part of the cost by deducting money from the maid's salary, causing dissatisfaction, with some maids resorting to running away from their employers.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Don't forget that the maid are already living freely with the employer and don't have to pay for anything including the meals that they eat daily. This seems so unfair because the cost of living in the city for example for a single man/woman will cost a lot.

For example on a monthly basis, renting a room will cost RM500-RM450 (max) and food will cost another RM300. So, it will be fair if the ungrateful maid are also charged to pay for the room that they get and the food that they eat from the employers. Oh wait! That means that they have to work for free.

On the 31st May 2011, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). ending a two-year freeze on Indonesian maids working in Malaysia.

The Malay Mail dated 21st June 2011 reported that a total of 18,716 foreign maids ran away from their employers during the whole of 2010. 17,205 or 92.3% of them were from Indonesia.

Indonesian maids comprised of 76.7% of the total 247,069 foreign maid population in Malaysia as at December 2010.

On the 23rd of July 2011, The New Straits Times reported about the Customs Department detaining an Indonesian woman, in her 40s, smuggling RM1.4 million worth of syabu via the Penang International Airport. The two packets containing white crystalline powder, weighing about 5.78 kg that was hidden in a special compartment of the bags.

The Sun Daily reported about Indonesia barring workers to Saudi Arabia after an Indonesian maid was beheaded for murdering her Saudi employer.

The situation should be the other way round since the maid murdered her employer. An eye for an eye is the punishment in Islam so it is fair!

Reading about this news will surely raise your temperature. I bet this does not happen only in Kulai resort in Johor but all over the country where there are Indonesian caddies who provide sexual services to the rich Chinese golfers who are members of golf clubs or golf resorts.

Read the experiences of Muzli Mohd Zain with his 5 maids in a span of 9 years.



  2. Bro Jeffry. Ada ka amah Indon yang cun macam pelakon Indon yang kacukan Belanda? Aku rasa kalau yang muka lawa, takde la sampai nak jadi amah.

  3. Aku setuju ngan Wake Up, hentikan je ..hantar je anak pada nursery..habis cite .. takyah nak pening-pening...merosakkan hubungan 2 hala je

  4. Bro/Sis Anon 12:29 AM. Terima kasih.

  5. Kalau kita soroti isu amah Indon ni dalam2, pasal isu amah kena pukul, kena torture minda d.l.l, boleh dikatakan kebanyakkan majikan adalah bukan Melayu.

  6. Bro tOy. Tu sebab kalau dengan majikan Melayu, amah Indon ambik peluang jadi kurang ajar. Padan mukalah bila kena dera dengan majikan Cina. Baru buku bertemu ruas.


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