Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim, the US neo-con's ass

Anwar Ibrahim had been one sly donkey when he could con Tun Dr Mahathir into making him his apprentice groomed to be the next Prime Minister when in fact he is a proxy for the neo-cons and the Jews.

This motherfucking faggot later tried to sabotage Malaysia's economy by becoming an economic hitman when he tried to impose Malaysia into taking the IMF loan during the 1997/1998 financial crises.

But because he is a dumbass CIA agent, he was unable to do that since Tun Dr Mahathir finally smell the shit he was trying so hard to hide and burnt him to the ground.

Read about what Mike Billington had written on this Anwar Al Juburi character.

The writer revealed how that homo tried to turn Indonesia against Malaysia among other things.

Anwar had been exposed as being funded by Soros to destroy Malaysia's economy in 1997 here.

Meanwhile, in an article in AIDC Anwar admitted that he had been the tool for CIA ever since he was a student.

Sure, many of the opposition blogs tried to rebut the accusations that Anwar is not the agent of CIA. But sometimes, things that seems incredibly false is actually the truth.

Now, why would The Jerusalem Post would publish an article titled 'Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia's Future Prime Minister?' if Anwar Ibrahim is not their puppet so that he can be a donkey controlled by the Jews if ever he succeeded in becoming the Prime Minister.

Surely that could not just be a coincidence because nothing in this world is coincidental. Al Juburi is a traitor of this country and should be hauled up and charged for treason!


  1. hanya si bodoh dan dungu je masih percayakan makhluk bernama AI ni..

  2. If you are a Muslim, do your "tahajjud" prayer and beg Allah for protection against the likes of Anwar Ibrahim. May Allah protect Malaysia from the likes of Anwar Ibrahim and other calamities - AMEEN!

  3. Bro/Sis Anon 9:55 AM. Betul tu.

    Bro/Sis Anon 12:58 AM. PAS leaders who promises heaven and hell to others are the dajjal. Another dajjal is AI.


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