Saturday, May 14, 2011

If you do not do anything wrong, why so scared?

DAP’s Jeff Ooi wants Mohamed Razali to reveal contents of police report

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP member Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman should reveal the contents of his Friday police report about the controversial meeting with Christian leaders, said Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi on Saturday.

Ooi said he was taken aback by Mohamed Razali's Friday report as the branch committee member had actually accompanied him to lodge a police report on May 8 against the Utusan Malaysia's front page report, headlined Kristian Agama Rasmi?

“This is sudden. I really don't know what happened,” he said, adding that he had been trying to contact Mohamed Razali.

“Local media reported him yesterday as saying that he knew what really happened during the May 5 meeting. It is short on details. He is hiding behind the police report.

“We are challenging Mohamed Razali to repeat what he has stated in the police report so that our legal adviser can take a look into it and for us to seek legal redress,” he told reporters at the party headquarters here on Saturday.

On Friday, TV3 reported that Mohamed Razali lodged a police report at the Patani Road station, claiming that he had attended the May 5 meeting with Christian leaders and that he was disappointed that they were denying matters discussed at the meeting.

Ooi claimed that Mohamed Razali had a relative who was a policeman and speculated that the relative could have persuaded Mohamed Razali into lodging the police report on Friday that appeared to run counter to the May 8 report Ooi had lodged.

“I hope the police start looking into that angle and make a fair and just investigation into the case,” he said, adding that no action would be taken by the party against Mohamed Razali until the matter was clarified.

Ooi also said eight pastors had been called by the police to have their statements recorded over the meeting.

The Star

What is the fuss? If DAP has no ill intention towards the nation, why so scared?

Could it be that DAP and the Christian priests have something rotten to hide?

The Malay saying of "Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah" could apply to the recent development.

Those who wants to jeopardize the national security of this country will deny that they are the culprits behind it.


  1. Can't you people see it is a trap set up and Utusan fall into it. Now they are instigating the christians against the government as Utusan is being labelled by Pakatan as UMNO. They are playing a very dangerous game of ethnic and religious politics in order to get votes and they don't care as long as they can go to Putrajaya. AND you people only know how to use dirty language to curse this and that. If you want people to read your blogs, do it with style, class and responsibilities. Give the correct facts and figures, argue with maturity and an open mind. Don't use dirty words all the time as others will think your blog is a dirty and irresponsible one.God bless you.

  2. Bro/Sis Anon 08:08 PM. I don't really give a damn who reads my blog. I write for my own satisfaction. If I am all for the ranking, I will not be doing what I do.

    Besides, can't a Malay show that he also can curse just as well as the other races who keeps cursing us? I need to let people know that I don't care for those non-Malays who thinks that they are better than the rest of us.

  3. well said bro.

    to anon 08:08 pm
    even pas leaders say it is allowed to what? it is up to the blogger to express his opinions with whatever style he is convenient with. this is a free country after all.
    to me, i m sure dap is the real culprit behind this. each and everytime a serious and sensitive issue arise, especially involving the Malays and Islam, there is always dap getting involved. it truly shows us how immoral and evil the dap is. dont u ever realize that?
    go to hell dap!

  4. ANTI DAP. What do you expect from communists? Surely their evilness to rampage this country until it is destroyed.


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