Friday, May 6, 2011

Gay NGOs acting like Muslim NGOs defending Al Juburi

It seems to be the pot calling the kettle black when 200 gay supporters got together around Masjid Negara after Friday prayers to voice their "anger" against the revelation of the homosexual likings of Anwar Ibrahim in politics.

It's funny to see gays and lesbians from Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) or Analsex Memang Kelas, PAS Gay Youth and a coalition of about 80 gays and lesbian NGOs get together to be Saf Anti Fitnah (SAF) or better known as Sex Anal Favourite.

50 police officers stood guard around the mosque compound to stop the gays and lesbians from damaging the mosque.

Rozan Azen, the Analsex Memang Kelas Batu Division Information Chief who are well-versed about different anal sexual positions send the message "We are against anti gays and anti lesbians!".

It's not surprising that they are angry that the sexual deviants of Anwar who favours the butt rather than the vagina are being exposed to the public.

Surely they want the gay movement to move silently and put Anwar Al Juburi as the 1st gay Prime Minister of Malaysia so that later same sex marriage will be legalise and anyone can butt fuck anywhere in the full view of the public.

It will also be easier for the gay Prime Minister to choose whomever he likes to be butt fucked in his office.

I am surprised to see how homo and lesbian those people are that they could hold an illegal demo to defend the homo and the client of the prostitute.

They could go that low as to be disguising to be Muslim NGOs. Just remember that in the hereafter, your mouth will be sealed and all other body parts will be allowed to speak.

At that time, Al Jub's dick itself will admit to fucking the butt and the vagina.

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