Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mastering English will open doors of opportunities

Headhunters agree with Dr M

PETALING JAYA: Headhunters are in agreement with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that mastering English will not make Malaysians less patriotic.

Recruitment consultants said Malaysians will lose out in the global commerce game if the nation’s education system fails to emphasise English.

“We agree totally that mastering English will not make Malaysians less patriotic. In fact, it should be the reverse.

“It gives Malaysians the opportunity to extol the many good things about the country in more than one language,” said Malcolm Poole, director of multinational headhunter agency MRI Network Sdn Bhd.

Poole added that more multinational companies are basing their regional operations here.

“Hence, the ability to follow technical and scientific publications in English is essential,” he said.

Consulting director of Career Builders Consulting Sdn Bhd Gopa­lan Nair said even though Bahasa Malaysia has been accepted as a unifying language that promotes nation building, English is important for commerce in a globalised world.

“We should not shy away from it,” said Gopalan.

Kelly Services managing director Melissa Norman described limited proficiency in English as highly detrimental and a handicap in business.

“Mastering another language does not make anyone less patriotic. On the contrary, it helps to widen one’s global perspective and strengthens personal development,” she said.

The headhunters were responding to Dr Mahathir’s statement in The Star on Monday that learning Science and Mathematics in English does not make Malaysians less patriotic.

The Internet and globalisation propogated by the developed nation who once had been colonizers of various nations, opens up doors of opportunities where anyone who have the skills and abilities to master English will have the upper hand compared to others who can only master one language.

It is so ridiculous and laughable to equate mastering English with being less than patriotic towards our nation. Personally for me, if I can have my way, I would master French, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin and many more.

Language is the key to knowledge. Mastering languages will mean that you will be able to be more knowledgeable because you can read in various languages and gain more information about matters of your interest.

For instance, our colonial masters were British and if our leaders who had fought hard to gain sovereignty of Tanah Melayu, now known as MALAYsia after its independance, had not known how to communicate in English and can only communicate in Malay, how can they secure Malaysia's independance then?

Only donkeys or brainless fools will think that because they are petty-minded and cannot converse well, what more to write or read in English because they do not understand heads or tails of any English article or any reference books in the university which are mostly in English.

Therefore, they will feel threatened and will criticise anyone who are far better than them because they are losers who will never do anything to upgrade themselves or motivate themselves to be better than who they are now.

They feel good when they belittle others because they are actually little or of no significance.

Therefore, to hell with all the detractors and let us move forward so that we will be better than those who are wasting their time whining when they could have just read and learn to make themselves better than others.

Don't be jealous of other races that are successful because they are not like you. They work hard and don't waste time whining like a baby and finding excuses to waste time becoming a Mat Rempit or Mat Ganja!

For instance, if a Malay can only master the Malay language, and only gets credit for it in SPM and only pass the English language, how can they compete with someone from the Chinese or Indian or Eurasion race who can master at least two or three languages; Malay, English, Mandarin or Tamil?

In the globalised world, the one who are better than others will move ahead and you who are not well-equipped will be left behind.

So, change and be prepared to work as hard as the Chinese instead of complaining when the problem is yourself who are lazy.

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