Friday, March 4, 2011

Criminals should be treated as one!

Looks like this hard-core sodomiser who loves to fuck pretty boys butt is trying to gain sympathy for himself when he makes up sob stories that he was treated like Botak Chin.

“I was asked to remove my underwear so that they could measure my private parts and length of pubic hair. It was degrading,” he said, adding that the medical personnel also wanted to swab his anus with cotton buds.

When you raped someone in the butt, and that goes for fucking males who rapes women as well, you will get the treatment that you had treated your victim.

If you don't want to go through that humiliating experience as you put it, don't go raping boys butt in the first place.

When cross-examined by Solicitor-General II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, Anwar said: “No normal person is treated this way… not told the offence and dragged like an al-Qaeda agent.”

“I was treated like Botak Chin,” he said, but denied that he was physically abused by the police when quizzed by the prosecution.

Yada! Yada! Yada! Boring! No one will ever admit to his mistakes. For instance, will a robber, who had been caught red-handed by the authorities in the midst of his crime will admit to his crime???

The answer is NO!!! No robber, no snatch thieves, no rapist, heck no sodomiser who is in their right mind will ever admit to their crime even when they had been caught red-handed by the authorities.

Even crazy people like Anwar Al Juburi will not admit to their craziness.

Even if their picture had been caught by CCTV, they will make up sob-stories or deny that it was them. So, is there a doppelganger out there who looks like Anwar Al Juburi that we
are not aware of? If there is, BEWARE!

You pretty boys should be a millions time more careful if there is an Anwar Al Juburi doppelganger. Because this doppelganger will go on a sodomising spree and no one will be spared!

I surely hope this sodomy case won't be dragged until the day Anwar Al Juburi is dead.

One more thing. Criminals should be treated to a 5 star hotel treatment. That will happen when Pakatan Rakyat admister Malaysia where Malaysia will then be a heaven on earth for criminals.

Heck! Wanted criminals pursued by Interpol. Come here! Anwar Al Juburi will defend you from them.


  1. Assalam Bro

    Dia ingat dia anugerah tuhan yang patut ditabalkan sebagai raja. Raja liwat bolehlah. Apa demand sangat penjenayah ni. Lepas ni semua penjenayah yang ditangkap letakan dihotel 5 bintang. Senang kerja Hakim semua mengaku salah sebab nak duduk Hotel 5 star. Bangang

  2. Bro ajai62. Betul tu. Raja liwat tu bukan anugerah tuhan tapi anugerah setan. Illuminati ni penyembah setan.

  3. 1996.. i was his No.1 supporter but now i'm his No. 1 enemy.. I don't believe in all what he talks.. he always deny what he has done..
    Hell will be waiting for him.. no one can help..

  4. Bro/Sis Anon. I pity you for being his 'has been' No. 1 supporter. This is where we differ because I had never believed anything that comes out from his stinking mouth.


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