Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Think and investigate before believing instigation by hateful people

Tonight, RTM2 aired Hang Tuah.

Before listening to any blatant lies by people that instigate others to fight you, you have to investigate the lies.

Listen to both sides of the story before taking any action.

Don't just easily believe any lies because it might not be true and just spread so that the innocent party that had been defamed be punished by the boss/person in power.

You have a brain given by Allah to think of what is right or wrong.

Don't just believe any news without hearing both sides of the story.

And don't be so stupid like Hang Tuah to blindly be loyal to a person without thinking of others.

You have to be clever like Hang Jebat because he is the most loyal friend who defended Hang Tuah's unfair execution.

Loyal friends are hard to find. Acquaintances are many, but true friends are few.

Therefore, don't kill a true and loyal friend like Hang Jebat if you ever have one because he is the one who defended you against the unfair treatment of you.

We have brains to think so think. Don't be like PAS followers who put their brains in their buttocks.

"Siapakah benar? Jebatkah benar atau akukah benar?" was the question asked by Hang Tuah in the end.

You judge for yourself.

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