Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pariahs will be pariahs no matter where they are!

This is an article taken from Malaysia Today.

I cannot get a job in the government, a scholarship, a job with Ah Pek Sales and Marketing Bhd, a place in MARA, a cheap home that I can afford, a meager 10 acres in some FELDA scheme somewhere, a loan from the bank, or teachers that won't call me Pariah to my face during sastera lessons, and I know that only HRP/HINDRAF finds that this is simply not acceptable.


I am a Malaysian. But that statement needs to be qualified 99% of the time in this country.

I am an Indian Malaysian; and the only two times the fact that I am of the Indian persuasion did not matter was when I cast my vote. As an Indian Malaysian, my vote is counted as one, just like the vote of a Chinese Malaysian or any other; and when I slap down my passport in some foreign land.

I would love to vote on the basis of who will lead this country better and reduce the wastage and corruption that has become endemic in this land I love, but I cannot do that for a few simple reasons.

1. I am more likely to be killed by the authorities, either when and if I find myself in custody, or when some dude in blue decides to get some target practice done on the roads. Now, I have followed enough extra judicial killings to know that PAS/PKR/DAP will not raise much of a fuss if I am the victim but I do know for a fact that HINDRAF/HRP will.

2. I get thrown in the slammer for some reason or other, maybe I had witnessed a fellow Malaysian (Indian Malaysian to be exact) get beaten to death and decided to open my big mouth. Once again I know that PAS/PKR/DAP won't even pick up the phone, but HRP/HINDRAF will.

3. I had knocked some girl up before I was thrown into jail, and the poor girl now cannot get a birth certificate for the baby, as the daddy (yours truly) is busy learning how to survive on 800 calories a day behind bars. I know PAS/PKR/DAP won't even find out the name picked out for the baby, but HRP/HINDRAF will. Now if the girl decides to give up the baby, or she dies giving birth to it, PAS/PKR/DAP will have no issue with the baby now having a Bin/Binti in its name, but HRP/HINDRAF definitely will.

I believe you get my drift now.

I cannot get a job in the government, a scholarship, a job with Ah Pek Sales and Marketing Bhd, a place in MARA, a cheap home that I can afford, a meager 10 acres in some FELDA scheme somewhere, a loan from the bank, or teachers that won't call me Pariah to my face during sastera lessons, and I know that only HRP/HINDRAF finds that this is simply not acceptable.

So you say I should vote for PAS/PKR/DAP because of the greater good. Okay I will, with a couple of conditions.

Give it to me in writing that the next time I am at risk of getting shot or beaten to death by the police, one of you will come and take my place. Tell me that the next time I apply for a job in the private or public sector, you will give up yours so that I can have means of livelihood. Tell me the next time someone decides that I am not entitled to what another Malaysian is, because I am an Indian Malaysian, you will march on the streets and hound those responsible until things change for the better.

Tell me that, and I will give your beloved PAS/PKR/DAP my vote. If you cannot do that, there is an easier way for you to get my vote. Tell your PAS/PKR/DAP to sit down and talk to HRP, MCLM, KITA, UBF, SNAP and whoever else is out there who is anti BN. If you cannot even do that, I suggest you take your opinion on who I should vote for and stick it where the sun don't shine.

This is what I have to say to you PARIAH. You should be grateful to be living in Malaysia where you don't have to live on the streets like other PARIAHS in India.

You have your own vernacular school here, even though you are a minority. Even USA or Britain does not grant that kind of privilege to you PARIAH minorities who lived in their country.

Maybe we should follow USA and Britain and demolish all the vernacular schools and follow USA, Britain, Australia or even Indonesia.

The Chinese in Indonesia have to converse in Indonesian language. We do have to implement that in Malaysia soon so that PARIAHs like you will stop demanding stupid things because you are the minority.


Can you tell me which country in this world who is so kind that they are looking after the minorities in their country? Come on! Tell me!

Does India or China looks after the minorities Muslims in their country? Do they gave citizenship to other races who are minorities in their country?

If you are not satisfied PARIAH, you can always go back to INDIA and be the PARIAH that you are.

Do you know that Indians from India that comes here to Malaysia, which are of other higher caste will not even shake hands with you PARIAHS here, no matter how rich you PARIAHS are?

PARIAHS are scums of the earth and Hitler should have wiped you out from the face of the earth too instead of just targeting the Jews which are now proving themselves to be war criminals with the atrocities that they are making in Palestine.

In this world, the majority prevails and minorities like you will be ignored. If you are not satisfied, go out to the world and create a country where this country, there will only be PARIAHs who are dirty, gangsters, alcoholics and loves to burn their wives who cannot pay their dowry to the husband.

I am sure your new PARIAH country will be the worst country in the world.


  1. Can there be any worst pariah than those who have sex with their own daughters/sisters....who throw babies born out of wedlock in the bins....who survives only because govt subsidies and must be given priviledge to compete...Come on! Tell me!?,,,,I bet the pariah don't have the courage to publish or answer this...what a pariah!!!

  2. right on...sweetly said...tq

  3. OMG! speaking London pulak.!

    Go to school laa., get educations.
    dun play play but study smart.
    govt spent billion on education sector and build many schools so all people so they can change their nasib through educations.

    but if u play2 at school, not pass the exam, that's why you can't go far. i see many indians can go far and work at private sector. why not u? so no reason you can't berjaya.

    i see also many Indians likes to be alcoholic. that's one reason why they can't go far.
    always drunk.

    so, it's up to you Indians, in Malaysia we all same, we can berjaya if we want, all people get same apportunities.

  4. cool!!! straight to their PARIAH face..

  5. Bravo bro WakeUp.

    Very well said...ambik ko 'P'!

  6. Only those Indians of the Pariah caste shpuld feel insulted when the word Pariah is mentioned.
    But I am simply surprised that most of the Malaysian Indians feel uncomfortable with the word Pariah.
    Hence I come to the conclusion yhat most of the Indian here now living in Malaysia are of the Pariah caste originally!

  7. agree! who ever you are, please remember that this country is the best place for us to live, dosent matter whether you are malay, chinese or indians. ask indonesians, bangla, etc why they chose to come here. we are blessed with so much/many things. do not ruin it!

  8. one thing bout pariah
    they talk a lot! so selalu orang akan kata "dengar boleh percaya jangan" :D

  9. Bro/Sis Anon. Pariahs when they are drunk, will resort to even raping their own mum.

    Bro/Sis Anon. Tq.

    Bro/Sis Anon. Even educated PARIAHs will kill their victim by stabbing them to death, and burning with cow dung like what they did to Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and her companions who accompanied her to make the deal with a PARIAH lawyer.

    Bro/Sis Anon. We have to put PARIAHs in their rightful place. If you caste are so good, you won't feel offended when people refer to you as PARIAHs.

    AKU PEDULI APA @ APA. Kalau nampak ular dan keling, pukul keling dulu.

    Observer. Pariah will be pariah.

    Bro/Sis Anon. Get the hell out of MALAYSIA if you think this country does not suit you. Minorities are not majorities.

    Ms Pearl. People who talk big and a lot are LOSERS! We should work more and talk less.

  10. To all ungrateful PARIAH out there, please write down this fact:
    only in Malaysia a PARIAH can be a millionaire!for example look at Uncle Samy Vellu (the lowest class of PARIAH for me).he is one of the richest man in fact,although he is a PARIAH and talk 'tunggang-langgang' in Bahasa Melayu, he was given the portfolio as a Work Minister!
    see!how lucky are you PARIAH to be living in Malaysia!

  11. your religion is a suppose to get your own planet as u can't get along with other religions.....LKY was spot on with what he said.....that shows what a pariah u are....screw ur own daughers/sis, throw babies in bins,, need cruches to survive/compete, heard the arabian pariahs even screw there was no Chinese or Indians in this country u know what u will be...mayb a somalia/pakistan....tell me which pariah country is not a trouble maker??..all u pariahs get your own planetlah...even then also pariah will be terrorising among themselves...

  12. yeah...well said bro
    i do agree with observer...your conclusion is absolutely correct!!! good job bro..only those who originated from the lowest caste of Pariah will be offended...pathetic...
    my friends from higher caste in india just gave me a big smile when they came to know about this issue in malaysia..pathetic isn it? thats what i think what they are thinking...hehe

  13. Bro/Sis Anon. Only in Malaysia, pariahs can be ministers.

    Anon. Your religion which houses your God in a small house is more of a joke. You live in big houses and you give your God to live in small houses.

    You will know what comes to you when you burn in hell in the hereafter for eternity, infidel. If there was no Chinese or Indian in this country, we will be great as what the Malacca Sultanate had once been.

    Bro/Sis Anon. Pariahs have low self-esteem because they know that they are good for nothing pariahs.

  14. pariah will always be a pariah,
    chinese scumbags will always be a pig!

  15. Let me tell u a story about the pariahs in India, its true that the pariah caste existed.The pariahs were not allowed to go to temples and pray thus they convereted to a cetain there no more pariahs in India because they have all become muslims and their cheif is the mamak kutty from kerala aka Madey.

    miss Pearl its tough being a woman among the pariahs isn't are treated like a sex object all the have to share your hubby with others....not allowed to have driving education....all this you tollerate for a ticket to heaven....but guess what...when you die and reach the pearly find yourself a sex slave for a damn terrorist who blew himself up.See my concept of a pariah?

  16. Wake UP,
    You are equally responsible for people insulting Islam, While I don't like anyone to insult another race n religion, I feel you have to be blamed for people attacking Islam and your race.
    You dont isult others and others don't insult you.
    You don't abuse others and others won't abuse you, its a simple rule really and the Prophet has mentioned this somewhere in the Quran I believe.Why can't You understand that.

  17. Bro/Sis Anon. You are absolutely right.

    Anon fucker. Go fuck a pig since you support communist.

    Anon fucker. Just because of that people of other races makes fun and belittle Islam because they think Muslims won't retaliate. Fuck you to hell! You attack my religion, I will attack your God who you yourself carved from stone. Stupido!

  18. You will remember that Iskandar Kutty (Kayu) who was of the pariah caste converted to another religion from polytheism to conceal his pedigree.
    Kayu's (Iskandar Kutty's) son Goteshit, 57 was a soldier based in Malacca. His buddies in the army nicknamed him Nafsushawat Berkobar for good reason. Following a police report made against him he was arrested on 13.02.2010 and charged with raping all of his three teen age daughters. Investigations showed that he had been sleeping with them alternately for a period of three years. Before sentencing him the judge asked him whether he had anything to say in mitigation. He replied that he was a distinguished soldier, the recipient of the Gagah medal, the highest decoration for valour and that otherwise he was living a highly principled life but that his daughters were sexy and the jinn had told him that he could only show his love and affection for them by having sex with them.

    As my readers know incestuous rape is quite common in the community and this despite many, many places of worship mushrooming all over the country. Its leaders finding that religion is not having an effect on sexual morals are thinking of making the chastity belt a compulsory item of dress for their women.

    In the circumstances is it not laughable that people with a pariah mentality like the author of the extremely bigoted and stupid novel --- in my opinion a third former in Singapore could write a better one --- should slander Indian citizens of Dravidian stock in such a vicious way?

  19. Anon. Incestuous relations happens in all races. Maybe it's not highlighted so much in other races because it is not a big deal for them or they are infidels who could do whatever they want.

    Most so called religious person who showed to others that they are just that are not religious at all but just covering up their devilish behaviour for the public to know that they are raping their own flesh and blood.

    The more religious they appear to be, the more we have to fear them because in actuality they are not religious at all, just like those leaders in PAS like the one caught in 121 or in a train coach having sex with other people's wives.


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