Saturday, January 22, 2011

Interlok drama a diversion from Anwar's sodomy 2 case

Let's not forget that the de facto leader of PKR, who has not even registered himself as a PKR member is currently on trial for the sodomy 2 case.

Therefore, this diversion by Indians from the opposition party is just a tactic to divert the public from the real issue here.

Why is Anwar Ibrahim, who is currently on trial for the 2nd sodomy case, is trying so hard to re-direct the people's attention from his case?

If he is so innocent as he claimed to be, although there are blatant proof that he is guilty because innocent people won't be making excuses after excuses.

What more with the revelations of the WikiLeaks which had exposed the communications of a diplomatic US memo between the Singapore and Australian intelligence which stated that

“The Australian said that the intelligence services in Singapore and [former Prime Minister] Lee Kuan Yew told the ONA (Office of National Assessment – Australian government agencies) in their communication that opposition leader Anwar ‘really do anything that is currently charged to him".

PKR is also on the verge of destruction due to internal squabbling. In addition to what had recently been exposed as only the cronies of Anwar Ibrahim will be successful in the recent PKR's party election.

PKR or formerly known as KeADILan had not been so fair when it comes to defending the rights of a homosexual who had been jailed for his sexual deviants.

PKR is not championing the rights of the people as they had been shouting about but more to championing the rights of a former convict who will soon, once again be jailed for his homosexual indulgence.

They had been crying out for reformation but what reformation had the party made within itself and for the people?


  1. salam Tuan
    kitorang geng lepas spm
    kitorang tak pandai macam Tuan
    tapi kitorang nak tulung lawan
    mak kitorang suruh lawan gak pembangkang ni

  2. Bro Razaq Saleem. Semua orang pun bermula dari tak pandai. Bermula dari bawah ke atas, lama-lama akan pandai. Tahniah di atas semangat anda yang berkobar-kobar untuk membantu lawan. Teruskan perjuangan anda.


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