Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heartiest congratulations to Mohd Azahar Ibrahim

Lain kali doakan lagi yang buruk untuk orang lain. Teruskan kesesatan anda!

Congratulations for getting 6,699 votes compared to Normala Sudirman 2,992 votes. Where's the spirit of competition?

The face of the losing candidate can't be seen at all during the announcement. After this, you better ask for PAS leaders to hire you to work in PASTI since you already quit your job for them to be their candidate.

Thank you to the Tenang voters who had made UMNO the champion once again.

Is there a job out there for someone who loves to take medical leave for 3 weeks? Maybe that someone should go and work for PAS.


  1. tahniah! dan selamat bertugas diucapkan kepada Adun baru. laksanakan apa yang dijanji. lepas ni lipat seluar lipat lengan baju - tolong mangsa banjir.

  2. Ms Pearl. Betul tu. Kalau dah jadi pemimpin, mestilah berjiwa rakyat dan tak lokek nak bantu rakyat yang dalam kesusahan. Barulah pemimpin sejati.

  3. Salam Wake Up.
    Nampaknya inilah YB yang pertama dalam sejarah PRK yg kena bertugas serta merta selepas menang disebabkan banjir di Dun Tenang.

    Kita harap YB Azhar akan harungi banjir malam ini sapertimana beliau lakukan dalam kempen semalam.

  4. Salam Bro AKU PEDULI APA @ APA. Takpe. Inilah pemimpin berjiwa rakyat yang kita mahukan. Bukan yang hilang dan muncul kembali hanya bila dekat nak PRU.

  5. although we won, but it was crystal clear that the bastard PIG immigrant had given their votes for the PAShit candidate!

  6. Bro/Sis Anon. Well! Pig will be pigs. Don't help those bastard PIG immigrant anymore is one blatant way to teach those fuckers.

  7. Poor PAS! So close to DAP but so far from Allah!

    The anti-UMNO CURSE that begins with the glorification of Allah The God that they blatantly and unIslamically abuse as a "DO'A" or "prayers" is "complimented" with the DAP logo below, the very DAP whose leader, Kapal Sinks, famously (or infamously?) challenged Muslims to cross over his deaf body if they (the Muslims) ever dreamed of establishing a Muslim state in Malaysia. And to make it more "Islamic" another PAS leader from Kelantan, probably drunk when he said it, publicly challenged other Muslims to cross his dead body if they (the Muslims) ever thought of harming Kapal Sinks!

    And with all these kufur and kafir acts, these very PAS people still have the nerves to hope that Allah will answer their kufur and kafir "prayers". PAS is blasphemous, anti-God and a bunch of mentally-screwed up infidels...Muslims in Malaysia must incessantly wage war against PAS in defense of Islam..Tenang results have shown that Muslims have begun that war against PAS..

  8. never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

  9. Look carefully at that Pas's Prayer/Do'a Banner. Allah Knows best:-

    " Ya Allah kau hancur kan UMNO/BN seperti mana kau hancurkanlah tentera Ahzab.
    Kau berikanlah kemenangan kepada Islam sebagaimana menangnya para Nabi mu..Amin "

    Obviously the 1st Part of the prayer was DECLINED. But DEFINITELY the 2nd part was GRANTED.

    The question is, Do they really BELIEVE in their own prayer/ do'a?
    Pas should have learned by now, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.......:)

  10. Esperalzi. PAS has always been the agent of communist which is the number one public enemy of the Muslims.

    Ms Pearl. Ship off all the pigs to other countries.

    PARANGkontot. Deviationist in PAS will think that
    they are right and everyone else is wrong.


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