Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be grateful towards the BN government

By supporting MCA and Umno, you are endorsing that:

Ø Money can buy support;

Ø Money can buy sex; and

Ø Money can buy anything.

That was some of the excerpts from an article titled "Take but do the right thing on Jan 30" in Malaysia Today dated 25th January 2011.

The writer, Sebastian Loon had the gall to call Dr Chua Soi Lek as the MCA porn star.

I am sure that the opposition leaders and supporters will say whatever that they want and so can we.

So, here goes.

Lim Kit Siang is the father of communism in Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim is the Mat Leather king of sodomy in Malaysia and Nik Aziz is the pope of PAS religion in Malaysia.

By supporting Pakatan Rakyat or DAP, PKR and PAS, you are endorsing that:

* you are supporting communists which before this, they were rampant in killing civillians regardless of their race, the police and the army without any mercy. Just look at Bukit Kepong.

* you are supporting a proxy of a foreign power and someone who indulges in homosexual activities which I can assure you that same sex marriage could be implemented if Anwar Ibrahim becomes the puppet Prime Minister of the Jews.

By all means, do vote for PKR is you are the same species as Anwar Ibrahim who loves to butt fuck which is so gross! I can't imagine if some shit would stick to his dick after fucking someone who had just had a diarrhoea.

Let us throw some cow shit at Anwar Ibrahim just like the Iraqi reporter threw the shoes at George Bush some time ago when that war monger visited Iraq.

* you are supporting some silly statements from a deviationist of the Islamic religion that voting for PAS will guarantee you a place in heaven in the hereafter.

Before believing stupid things like that, just remember that PAS leaders are also normal human beings and that they don't have the power to present heaven or hell to you.

They also do not know whether they will be entering heaven or hell, so how could they be so great as to surpass the power of Allah, the Al Mighty to grant anyone heaven or hell?

Just use your brain for once instead of being so caught up in supporting PAS blindly just because you want to be religious.

If you really want to be religious, you will not be a politician but would rather be a preacher so that you can convert as many non-Muslims as possible to become a Muslim by showing them that Islam is the only one and true religion.



  2. Salam tolong linkkan blog baru saya

  3. the thing about PKR hardcores is that they are too embarass to admit they're wrong.

  4. Bro, hanya orang gila saja yang percaya janji2 orang gila... Anyway there are people around us believe Anwar is the chosen one to be our greatest PM in history. That refers to what he promised in many PRKs since his promotion as Ketua Umung Pakatan Rakyat.

  5. People don't want to vote for Barisan because they misuse the public's money and they are racist toward those who aren't UMNOputeras

  6. Bro Jeffry. The Fuckatan Riot are motherfuckers.

    Bro/Sis Pengundi Baharu. Will do. Do the same for mine.

    Bro afterdark. What can you expect from communists, deviationists and homos?

    Bro Apai Ngelai. Kalau tak gila, tak sokong orang suka main bontot la.

    Ah Beng communist pretending to be Samad. You can vote for whoever you wish. I am sure you will vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

    If the Pakatan Rakyat is really fighting for the rakyat, why not lower down and give subsidies to all the essential things which price has gone up?

    If you cannot even do that, don't talk big.

  7. To all Rakyat malaysia,

    DAP, Pas, PKR are supporting communists. They support in killing civillians, the police and the army without any mercy just like at Bukit Kepong.

    pls don't be a supporter or proxy of a foreign power and homosexual practisioner or become a puppet of the Jews.

  8. salam tuan. mohon link ke blog tuan.
    saya blog baru. ingin menumpang kepopularan
    blog tuan.
    segala kejasama di dahului dengan ucapan ribuan terima kasih.

  9. Why should PR be the one to lower price when they are not even the Federal Government? Even your beloved UMNO cannot do it

  10. Ah Beng pretending to be Samad just admitted that PR are not capable of doing anything. Bravo Ah Beng.


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