Thursday, December 16, 2010

Signs of Anwar being a desperado

It looks like Anwar Ibrahim is getting more desperate that he had to give a speech at a night market. This is getting old!

People went to night markets to buy foodstuff and their daily needs, not to hear an old desperado homosexual telling lies. I am sure most people do not want to hear the crap that you are telling them.

You can read about the desperado here.

Anwar Ibrahim is now planning to sue Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, his arch nemesis for divulging his sodomy activities and for ousting him when he is just a step away from becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

By the way, please do sue the Lee Kuan Yew too and the Sydney Morning Heralds as well.

Not forgetting the infamous WikiLeaks which had leaked the information about the US state department cable reveals that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that Dr Anwar engaged in the conduct for which he is accused, a claim he has steadfastly denied.

Nobody will admit to doing something that is shameful. And indulging in sodomy is a shameful thing in Asean countries, moreover an Islamic country like Malaysia.

So Anwar. You do know shame, don't you. But you forget all about shame when you are sodomising your victims.

And please do sue all of the Australian newspapers too. For example these; Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail and Canberra Times.

Do sue all of the bloggers who report about this as well, and all the media in Malaysia too. Just sue everyone on this planet because they seems to be conspiring to put you down.

Read more about it here, here and here.

I am sure this world will be a better place without one sodomising asshole like Anwar Ibrahim. But then maybe KJ will cry if Anwar dies.

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  1. Watch a desperado and what he does, he is almost without his head!


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