Monday, December 27, 2010

RM100million bonus is a prove of a caring government

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said "One who does not thank people, does not thank Allah". (Hadith)

The Prophet, pbuh, is also reported to have said, "One who does not thank for the little, does not thank for the abundant."

The above hadith reminded all of us to be thankful towards another human being because being thankful to another is the way for us to be thankful towards Allah as well.

Allah's help comes in many ways. One of the ways is when another of his servants helps another human being.

Therefore, we should always be thankful to those who had helped us, no matter how big or small their help had been.

Recently, Datuk Seri Najib Razak had announced an amount of RM100.916 million productivity incentive bonuses to its settlers.

This bonus is a show of appreciation of the settler's contribution in joining hand in hand with the government towards the development of the country's oil palm and rubber industry.

Plus as an incentive for selling their produce through Felda. It is a shame that 18,354 settlers (16.29%) did not qualify for the incentive bonus since they did not send in their produce to Felda and were short of the minimum amount allocated.

The minimum amount of the bonus is RM400 and the maximum is RM1,200 each.

30,611 settlers who brought their oil palm and rubber produce to the Felda management and another 61,170 who were enrolled in replanting with Felda will be receiving a bonus amounting to RM1,200 each.

2,000 settlers were given special consideration due to the low productivity resulted from unproductive crops or waiting for their turn to replant and will receive RM400.

Since our 1Malaysia government had been so considerate and tolerant towards the Felda settlers, the Felda settlers should never forget that BN is a strong government and a new Pakatan Rakyat government had not proven itself in the states that they had control over.

Therefore, choose the right government in the next General Election. Don't be assholes who forget easily who had helped you since our country had achieved independance.

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