Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reject DAP which are now the rebranding of CPM

Communists are heartless and will not hesitate to murder any men, women, child or old folks.

We should never forget the atrocities they had made in Malaya. The most memorable example of their cruelty are what they did to the policemen and their families in Bukit Kepong.

The Wikipedia construe The Malayan Emergency as:

The Malayan Emergency was a guerrilla war fought between Commonwealth armed forces and the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party, from 1948 to 1960.

The Star today reported that Chin Peng, former Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) and its members had lost their bid to revive their civil suit against the Malaysian Government.

Those mother fuckers who joyfully killed the policemen, their families and other victims are the ones who should be getting civil and criminal suits by members of the families who had been killed by the merciless COMMUNIST!

Those who had perished in the brutal attack in Bukit Kepong had been listed in the Wikipedia as follows:

List of killed in action (KIA)

List of Royal Malaysian police officers killed in the line of duty


1. Sergeant 3493 Jamil Mohd Shah (Bukit Kepong police chief)
2. Corporal 7068 Mohd Yassin Haji Wahab
3. Lance Corporal 7168 Jidin Omar
4. Police Constable (PC) 3933 Hamzah Ahmad
5. PC 5674 Abu Mohd Ali
6. PC 7493 Muhamad Jaafar
7. PC 7862 Abu Kadir Jusoh
8. PC 8600 Jaafar Hassan
9. PC 9136 Hassan Osman
10. Extra Police Constable (EPC) 3475 Mohd Top Lazim
11. EPC 3795 Jaafar Arshad
12. Marine Constable (MPC) 60 Ibrahim Adam
13. MPC 68 Awang Ali
14. MPC 181 Basiron Adam

Non-combatants (Auxiliary Police (AP))

1. Ins. Kudarina Naknok
2. AP 2130 Samad Yatim
3. AP Mahmood Saat
4. AP 1925 Ali Akop
5. AP 2127 Othman Yahya

Police family members

1. Fatimah Yaaba - wife of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
2. Hassan Abu Bakar - son of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
3. Saadiah - wife of Constable Abu Mohd Ali
4. Simah Abu - daughter of Constable Abu Mohd Ali

Auxiliary Police (AP) were killed in action (KIA) outside police station

1. AP Redzuan Alias
2. Embong Lazim
3. Koh Ah Cheng

List of survivors


1. PC 10533 Othman Yusoff
2. MPC 37 Abu Bakar Daud
3. EPC 3472 Ahmad Khalid
4. PC 7645 Haji Yusoff Rono (died on 14 April 2005)

Note: All officers are deceased

Police family members

1. Mariam Ibrahim - widow of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
2. Zainun Muhamad - daughter of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
3. Abu Samah Muhammad - son of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
4. Zaleha - daughter of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
5. Jamilah - daughter of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
6. Hussain - son of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
7. Fatimah Abdul Manan @ Timah Lawa - widow of Constable Hassan Osman
8. Pon Khalid - widow of Marine Constable Awang Ali
9. Fatimah Tuani - widow of Constable Hamzah Ahmad
10. Edmund Ross Williams Hunt - orang asli who worked as a sherpa at Bukit Kepong

I would like to remind all of us that now former Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) still existed under a different branding. You have to study what party and who had caused the 13th May 1969 tragedy and you will know that they are the communist who are still trying to rule Malaysia just like PAP ruled Singapore.

Please take stern action against them because they are still playing the racist cards that had once caused 13th May 1969 to occur.


  1. Thanks bro !! .. A good write up. Should be an eye opener to those out there who still do not realized DAP's true identity and intention to rule Malaysia via their racist strategy. DAP nowadays are too arrogant, racist and thought that they're untouchable. Appreciate if you can share your articles to your other fellow bloggers so that more people will know.

  2. If that was the truth........Najib and his Minister of Interior should take action fast before 'Nasi menjadi Bubur'.If chaos prevail in this country the leaders should be blamed since the rakyat would suffer not them. They can easily flee the country anytime with their families while the rakyat have to bear the consequences....

  3. That's right bro,

    They exploits Anwar Ajjuburi n PAS to form the first Republic of Malaysia United if they win PRU 13! and rules authotharianship...divide Malays, insult Islam and abolish Sultan's and Malays rights!

    Anwar is the first President of the Republic after 100 days he took a parliament. Carefull and beware!

  4. Just do away with DAP which had been so racist to the extend of making use of PAS and PKR so that they will be holding the PM's position when Pakatan Rakyat ruled Malaysia.


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