Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat is going down

How many of the promises had been fulfilled?

Anwar Ibrahim is talking through his hat when he boasted about Pakatan Rakyat's offer to raise the salaries of teachers by RM500 a month.

The most obvious evidence can be seen in the above manifesto that had been offered to the people of Selangor before they had won the 12th General Election.

How much of those empty promises had been kept to date? I am sure even the usage of 20 cubic metres of free water per month had also not been implemented wholly to all Selangor residences since there are still complaints of people not getting the promise.

For example, an article by The Malay Mail dated 26th July 2010 titled "Water woes in 'pantun' " discloses about the discontentment of Hulu Klang low-cost flat dwellers.

The people living there are unhappy for losing out the free water policy offered by Selangor government particularly in AU2 and AU3 low-cost flats in Lembah Keramat.

There are banners in form of rhyming poems (pantun) have been put up there by anonymous person.

Air kami kena cantas,
Pasir habis kena kebas,
Cukai pintu janji melepas,
Ceramah lebat kerja hampas.

"Where is our free water? The promised 20 cubic metres remain mere promises. How the Selangor government 'cares' for the rakyat," read one of the banners.

"I checked with PKNS (Selangor State Development Corperation) and they said I needed to change my meter to a Syabas standard meter, which would cost me RM180,” said resident Md Redzuan Sulaiman (pic) of PKNS' Seri Pangsa flat in AU3.

Another resident, Yusof Mohd Yunos, of Pangsapuri Al Ridhuan, Ukay Perdana, came up with his own solution, saying: "Why doesn't the State government just multiply the amount of units here with 20 cubic metres and then deduct the amount from the overall water metering calculation?

"A calculator costs less than RM20 whereas this migration plan costs around RM150 per household. Simple mathematics!"

Surely this Anwar Ibrahim failed in his Mathematics because he would rather our country's fate be left to IMF during the Asean Financial Crises that had occured in 1997 because of the attack on our currency and other currencies in Asia by unscrupulous currency speculators.

In the meantime, Nik Aziz defended Anwar Ibrahim in his statement to Utusan Malaysia dated 25th December 2010.

"Kita akan laksanakan bila pakatan dapat memerintah negara... tunggulah dulu,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas majlis perkahwinan perdana anjuran kerajaan negeri melibatkan 101 pasangan baru di Pusat Tarbiyah Pas Kelantan (Putik) di sini hari ini.

Are you sure that you are going to do that since PAS had not been able to provide clean water and also new road for the people of Kelantan that they have to drink unclean water and suffer bad traffic jam daily which becomes even worst during the festive occasion?

Even the new roads had been built by the Federal Government so just shut the hell up when you are not doing anything for the betterment of the people that had voted you in for nearly 20 years now.

Why would Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor be so desperate to ban all ads containing 1Malaysia logo if they had been so efficient in administering Selangor?


  1. Thing speaks for itself (res ipsa loquito)

  2. Bro dzimba MMIM. The chaotic condition during PKR's election just proves that they are not serious in reforming the party since only those who are favoured by Anwar will become the party's leader.

    This was proven when Datuk Zaid Ibrahim expressed his disappointment and got out of the party.

  3. p/s: i suka la lagu jingle bell composed by "lelaki bercermin mata" haha

  4. this is year end jokes...
    hey anwar dan friends, go f**k urself!!!

  5. The same answer by Nik Najis while we asked when Hudud to be implement in Kelantan state.

  6. Ms Pearl. wink wink haha

    Bro Jiwa Paradox. They would rather fuck each others butts. hehe

  7. Salam,
    Mohon link ke blog tuan.
    Teruskan perjuangan.

  8. Bro Bahtera Merdeka. Tq for visiting my blog. Sure. Please link my blog to yours too.

  9. i agree with ur statements bro....
    cakap berdegar2...tahik lekat di celah gelegar...kata orang kelantan...itu la keje pentadbiran negeri kelanta skrg...habuk pun tarak
    tiap ptg...bagai nk gila bila nk balik keje...terutama jalan sekitar stadium...klu hari ada perlawanan bola lagi la....entahla...malas dh nk komen

  10. Bro Anon. Kalau kerajaan negeri Kelantan tu terlalu cekap, takkan rakyat Kelantan mencecah angka jutaan orang berhijrah ke negeri lain untuk bekerja.

    Sepatutnya kerajaan membantu rakyat. Bukan kerajaan menghulur kopiah meminta derma dari rakyat di ceramah-ceramah mereka.


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