Thursday, December 23, 2010

No to Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister

How hypocritical can PAS be? There are obvious evidence that the leaders in PAS knew about the indulgence of Anwar with homosexual activities but they prefer to close one eyes just because they are now in Pakatan Rakyat in which the latter is the leader.

A few months before Anwar Ibrahim was kicked out from UMNO, Mat Sabu had given him an infamous nickname "Al Juburi" which sticks until now.

That word "Al Juburi" had been derived from the word "Dubur" or if translated in English it will be known as anus as it was described in Collins Easy Learning Dictionary published by HarperCollins Publishers 2005.

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However, PAS Youth wants the Federal Government to step up efforts to curb the activities of the homosexual community. This is such a paradox because PAS are in Pakatan Rakyat now and the leader in Pakatan Rakyat is Anwar Ibrahim, a well-known gay.

This is after the exposure of Azwan Ismail who confessed on Youtube that he is a gay.

OMG! This Azwan Ismail dude even have the same initials as Anwar Ibrahim. Is this a coincidence?

But as William S. Burroughs quoted, "In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen".

But if Anwar Ibrahim is a gay too, how could PAS be having an understanding with a gay?

Anwar Ibrahim is currently under trial for sodomy and it is not suprising that the gay communities all around the world are voicing out their concerns over the case.

Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department had raised his concerns during the weekend about gay activists who were attempting to promote homosexuality.

PAS Youth leader Nasrudin Hassan had urged Jakim (Islamic Development Department) to act on gay activities at all level as there seems to be an increase in the blogs supposedly written by gay Muslims.

Monitoring of entertainment premises that is used for homosexual entertainment owned by gays should be more strict.

Films to promote "gay culture' such as 'Anu Dalam Botol' is a film about a trans-sexual couple and should be banned.

No wonder if this gay culture is exploding in Malaysia because if Anwar Ibrahim, the first gay Prime Minister in waiting ever be successful in his quest, this 'gay culture' will become boomer and if this happens, don't point fingers to others if Malaysia suffers the fate as Sodom because you are the one who had allowed this to happen.

Therefore, we should all say NO to Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister of Malaysia because I am 100% sure he will legalize same sex marriage and openly gay sex on the streets if he ever become our Prime Minister.


  1. Anwar Ibrahim is not gay, he is caught in a sex trap by UMNO/BN.

    He is an accidental gay!

    Get your facts right, dude, We in PKR are not blind and stupid!!1!!

  2. Accidental gay! Is it something like when the bus goes off the cliff?

    Boy you do know how to make a joke! hahahah

    Will a straight guy ever fuck a butt? Come on! Let's be a bit realistic.

    If you are not a gay person, you will not be attracted at all even when you are presented with the most handsomest guy ever lived.


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